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Connections 2010: The Role of Civic Organizations

Connections is a yearly periodical published by the Kettering Foundation featuring articles devoted to a specific theme. Each issue of the foundation’s annual newsletter focuses on a particular area of Kettering’s research and contains articles, feature stories, and book reviews relevant to the foundation’s work. Editing responsibilities for Connections rotate among Kettering program staff.

The 2010 edition shares “the role of Civic Organizations in today’s society.” Below is an excerpt from the introduction…

Kettering’s annual review of its research in 2009-2010 has looked into what Alexis de Tocqueville reported in the 1830s, the unique American reliance on all kinds of civic associations in its political life. These associations have become today’s civic organizations, and they have been changing recently. To be sure, citizens are still forming ad hoc alliances for all kinds of purposes, but major civic organizations may no longer be playing the role they once played as vehicles people could use for their collective initiatives. Citizens and communities have reason to be concerned. So the foundation is trying to look ahead to what are, or could be, emerging as new vehicles for people who want to come together to act on their common problems.

– David Mathews, President of the Kettering Foundation

…along with the contents of the newsletter…

Contents of the 2010 Edition

Tocqueville in 2030?
David Mathews

Citizens, Organizations, and the Gap in Civil Society
Derek Barker

Developing Democracy’s Hubs: Building Local Capacity for Deliberative Practice through Passionate Impartiality
Martín Carcasson

Uncovering Organic Community Politics: A View from the Inside
Dorothy Battle

Hot Passion and Cool Judgment: Relating Reason and Emotion in Democratic Politics
Scott J. Peters, Theodore R. Alter, and Timothy J. Shaffer

Multinational Perspectives on CivilSociety
Paloma Dallas and Ileana Marin

How the “Body Politic” Thinks and Learns: The Roles of Civic Organizations
Randall Nielsen

The Evolution of Centers for Public Life: NIF and the Return to Civil Society
Alice Diebel

Collaborating for Education: The Dynamic Citizenry
Connie Crockett

Governmental Agencies as Civic Actors
Phillip Lurie

Finding a Different Path
Janis Foster

Books Worth Reading – Democracy and Higher Education: Traditions and Stories of Civil Engagement

Scott J. Peters, with Theodore R. Alter and Neil Schwartzbach

This edition of their annual newsletter is currently available as both a free download and in print (also free with shipping) from the Kettering Foundation website.

Resource Link: http://kettering.org/periodicals/connections-2010/

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