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Training and Facilitation Tools from The Communications Center

The Communications Center, Inc., based in Columbia, Missouri, is a consultancy led by Sarah Read and Dave Overfelt that helps individuals, organizations, and communities improve communication and thinking skills so they can work better together.

In addition to a workbook, The Communications Center has developed a number of products that support training and facilitation services. The following products are offered:

Dialogue Cards and Techniques
This set of cards helps individuals understand and practice dialogue skills. The cards can be used in training by small groups for a matching exercise, used in a mediation to help people better understand and evaluate communication patterns, and provided to individuals to help them on an ongoing basis to think about what is working and not working in their communications. We have successfully used these cards with a wide range of audiences — everyone from corporate teams to teens at a juvenile justice center.

Each purchase of the dialogue cards comes with a summary of dialogue techniques and a written procedure for using the cards.

Cognitive Error Worksheet
This worksheet can be used in training facilitators or to engage and educate participants before or during difficult dialogues.

Cognitive Error Worksheet for Schools and Teens
The examples in this worksheet have been adapted for use in trainings for teachers or teens.

“Conflict Resolution in a Box”
Originally designed for trainings, this bookmark has become one of our most useful tools. We use it for anything from quick introductions to the basic principles of conflict resolution to coaching in mediation or facilitation sessions. Once participants understand the graphics, it becomes an easy diagnostic tool that can be used by facilitators and participants to identify “the sticking places” in a difficult dialogue, and “unpack” the conversation so that it can move forward.

Set of Bookmarks
Our trainings frequently include “food for thought” slides that set forth a quote which highlights a particular point. We then include these quotes on “bookmarks” that clients take at the end of a session. Our clients have told us that these are easy to keep on hand and that they help with ongoing learning. These bookmarks, sold in individual or mixed packs of 10, can be customized with your name and address on the back for an additional cost of $10. Please contact us for this option.

These products can be purchased for individual use by other trainers and facilitators. We can also license these for use and provide electronic files to organizations for more regular usage. If you are interested in learning more about licensing arrangements, please contact us at info@buildingdialogue.com.

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