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Connections – Summer 2004: Institutions, Professions & the Public

Connections is a yearly (previously biannual) periodical published by the Kettering Foundation featuring articles devoted to a theme. Each issue of the foundation’s annual newsletter focuses on a particular area of Kettering’s research and contains articles, feature stories, and book reviews relevant to the foundation’s work. Editing responsibilities for Connections rotate among Kettering program staff.

The Summer 2004 edition shares research related to the “relationship between the public and America’s colleges and universities“. Below is an excerpt from the introduction…

The focus in this issue of Connections is on the foundation’s research into the relationship between the public and America’s colleges and universities. Our studies of higher education have relied on what we are learning about citizens and collective decision making, what we have found out about the role of the public in addressing community problems, and what we are discovering about the tensions between the public and the major institutions of the country. Kettering’s findings on the relationship between the public and the academy have been reported in studies such as College Students Talk Politics, which was done by the Harwood Group, and in all ten issues of the Higher Education Exchange.

Because the foundation always starts its research with “the public and its problems,” studies of the public-academy relationship are done from a public perspective. Frankly, we are not experts on American higher education any more than we can claim to be knowledgeable about what goes on inside public schools, governments, the media, or any of the institutions that have obligations to democracy. Hundreds of research centers and think tanks are better prepared to study these institutions.

– David Mathews, President of the Kettering Foundation

…along with the contents of the newsletter…

Contents of the Summer 2004 Edition

Exploring the Public – Academy Relationship
David Mathews

The Civic Mission of Higher Education
John Dedrick

Revitalizing the University of Minnesota’s Civic Mission
Robert Bruininks

The Role of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in Building Civic Responsibility
Beverly W. Hogan

The New Engagement: From Community Relations to Community Partnerships
Byron P. White

The Public Practice of Scholarship and the Production of Knowledge
Deborah Witte

Apple IPM in Massachusetts: Public Scholarship in Action
Daniel R. Cooley

College Students as Citizens
Maxine S. Thomas

Fraternal Futures: Empowering Students to Shape the Future of Greek Organizations
Laura Hayhoe and Dennis C. Roberts

Increasing Student Civic Engagement through Balanced Democratic Dialogue
Allison Crawford

June Board SummaryAn Update on Public Journalism
Cole C. Campbell

The Footbridge Forum
Denise Dowling

New Stories for Television: Promoting Public Judgment in Colombia
Catalina Arango

Books Worth Reading

This edition of the newsletter is currently available as a free download from the Kettering Foundation website.

Resource Link: http://kettering.org/wp-content/uploads/Connections_Summer_2004.pdf

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