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Higher Education Exchange 2006

The Higher Education Exchange is an annual journal from the Kettering Foundation that serves as a forum for new ideas and dialogue between scholars and the larger public. Essays explore ways that students, administrators, and faculty can initiate and sustain an ongoing conversation about the public life they share.

The 2006 edition focuses on “the civic mission of higher education.”  Below is an excerpt from the introduction…

For more than 25 years now, the work of the Kettering Foundation has been focused on democracy. One premise of this work that has remained constant over the years is the belief that effective democracy requires citizens who have the ability, desire, and faith to deliberate together about the kind of life they want to live. Higher education’s role in preparing citizens who can fulfill this responsibility is paramount. While most institutions of higher education have mission statements that address this responsibility to democracy in some way, for too many it is an empty promise, with no definite plan of action in place, no apparent evidence of commitment to the goal. Others, thank goodness, take this imperative seriously.

This issue of the Higher Education Exchange tells the story of some of those institutions and their faculty who take the civic mission question seriously. The contributors debate the issues around knowledge production, discuss the acquisition of deliberative skills for democracy, and examine how higher education prepares, or doesn’t prepare, students for citizenship roles.

– Deborah Witte, Editor of the Higher Education Exchange

…along with the contents of the journal…

Contents of the 2006 Edition

Deborah Witte

Knowledge, Judgment, and  Deliberative Politics
Michael K. Briand

Public Work at Colgate: An Interview
Adam Weinberg

The Chain Reactions of Public Scholarship
Julie Ellison

Is Democracy Part of Higher Education’s Civic Responsibility
Harris Dienstfrey

Learning in the Plural: An Interview
David Cooper

Five Emerging Practices in the Scholarship of Engagement
Derek Barker

First Democracy: The Challenge of an Ancient Idea By Paul Woodruff
Anne Thomason, Reviewer

David Mathews

This edition of the journal is currently available as a free download from the Kettering Foundation website.

Resource Link: http://kettering.org/periodicals/hex-2006/

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