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Higher Education Exchange 2005

The Higher Education Exchange is an annual journal from the Kettering Foundation that serves as a forum for new ideas and dialogue between scholars and the larger public. Essays explore ways that students, administrators, and faculty can initiate and sustain an ongoing conversation about the public life they share.

The 2005 edition focuses on “public scholarship.”  Below is an excerpt from the introduction…

think part of the answer to the question of why scholars write for us is contained in the essays in this volume. Every one of the scholars in this issue has an evident pride of profession and a sense of responsible citizenship. They share many of the same dilemmas and pitfalls that are part of engaging in the work of public scholarship. Many wrestle with the same tensions inherent in the conflictual roles of scholar and citizen. Most have found a way to serve the public good, while still serving their responsibility to the profession. Most are looking for a way to share and learn with other scholars.

I am continually amazed by their honesty about the dilemmas they face and the rewards they receive. Doing public scholarship is usually misunderstood, if not boldly denigrated, by the university. Working with community groups can be as frustrating as it can be uplifting. None of these contributors has shrunk from the hard work of attempting public scholarship or shirked the responsibility of reporting the outcomes, good and bad. They inspire me and they make this work meaningful.

– Deborah Witte, Editor of the Higher Education Exchange

…along with the contents of the journal…

Contents of the 2005 Edition

Deborah Witte

Public Scholarship at Penn State: An Interview
Jeremy Cohen

Public Scholarship and Faculty Role Conflict
Katy J. Harriger and Jill J. McMillan

What Has Happened to the Liberal Arts?: An Interview
Bernard Murchland

The University Role in Civic Engagement: Serving as a Spark to Community-Building
Christa Daryl Slaton

The Writing Classroom as a Laboratory for Democracy: An Interview
Don Rothman

Women, Social Science, and Public Work During the Progressive Era
R. Claire Snyder

Everyday Politics By Harry Boyte
Matthew Fery, Reviewer

David Mathews

This edition of the journal is currently available as a free download from the Kettering Foundation website.

Resource Link: http://kettering.org/periodicals/hex-2005/

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