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IAF pioneer Mirja Hanson interview from Meeting Tips Radio

This podcast (audio recording) from Meeting Tips Radio features an interview with Mirja Hanson. Mirja is a well-known author and pioneer in the field of meeting facilitation. She has been a trainer for the Institute of Cultural Affairs for the past 39 years. She is also a founding member and past chair of the International Association of Facilitators and is known for creating collaborative tools like the WAVE Trend Analysis and is an accomplished author. Her book, Clues to Achieving Consensus: A Leader’s Guide to Navigating Collaborative Problem Solving; is not only a popular book for meeting facilitators but it is A step-by-step guide to effective action in school districts, agencies, companies, organizations, and communities by using consensus decision-making.

Meeting Tips RadioMeeting Tips Radio describes itself as “an excellent resource for anyone who runs meetings including: meeting facilitators, corporate executives, non-profit executives, managers, CIOs, business managers, IT managers, project managers, business analysts and strategic planners. Collaborative facilitation, face-to face facilitation, and virtual facilitation methods are discussed. Special guests include the best facilitators in the world from the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) and the International Association of Facilitators. Guests also include non-trained facilitators who use meeting facilitation skills in their daily work. Be sure to listen-in and pick up some basic skills that will help you improve your meetings, improve your career, and improve your life!”

Resource Link: www.meetingtipsradio.com/mirjahanson/

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