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Integrating News Media, Citizen Engagement, and Digital Platforms Towards Democratic Ends

This 5-page AmericaSpeaks report examines how we might use new forms of media, digital platforms, and citizen engagement principles to reengage the center and those who have turned out due to apathy and disgust.

The report discusses some of the issues that need to be considered to bring the power of new technology and the digital world to the complexity of media, citizen engagement, and politics.  What needs to happen in today’s new news space to prevent many of the same structures of inequity, exclusion, and power from being recreated?

The authors note that the deliberative democracy field “is historically linked to in-person, face-to-face engagement and has been challenged to successfully translate to online and digital engagement,” but lists and describes several principles of civic engagement that need to be met whether engagement happens face-to-face or online: linked to decision making, diverse representation, informed participation and facilitation.

A segment of the report looks at four functions that news media might support as part of an effort to bring greater citizen engagement and connection to decision making and governance:  education, citizen decision-making, action building, and accountability.

This July 2013, authored by  Daniel Clark, Elana Goldstein, and Chris Berendes, was produced by AmericaSpeaks with support from a grant from the Democracy Fund.

Resource Link: http://americaspeaks.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/IntegratingTowardsDemocraticEnds.pdf

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