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Who Do I Trust to Protect My Privacy? (NIF Issue Guide)

Privacy_cover_blueThe National Issues Forum Institute developed this issue guide in 2013 in partnership with American Library Association.  The guide is designed to help guide deliberative conversations about how our personal information should be protected and by whom.  In our digitized and tech-integrated world, we have to find a way to strike the right balance between information accessibility and personal privacy – this guide can help you engage participants in quality discussions on how we actually get there.

This excerpt from the introduction gets to the heart of what this guide is about:

In an era of social networks, online databases, and cloud computing, more and more individuals’ personal information is available online and elsewhere. The ease of communicating information in the digital age has changed the way we live, learn, work, and govern. But such instant access to information also presents new challenges to our personal privacy. We depend more and more on evolving technologies and social norms that encourage the disclosure of personal information. What are our expectations for privacy in the digital realm? Is it reasonable to expect that information by and about us remain private? Who do I trust to protect my privacy?

As with other NIF guides, three options for moving forward are laid out for further deliberation.  The guide challenges participants to deliberate and decide on which of the following entities should have the final responsibility for protecting our privacy:

  • Option 1: The Marketplace
  • Option 2: The Government
  • Option 3: Myself

For a deeper look at how we might weigh these options, check out NIFI’s full blog post about the guide at http://nifi.org/news/news_detail.aspx?itemID=24773&catID=23664.

Resource Link: http://www.nifi.org/issue_books/detail.aspx?catID=15&itemID=24767

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