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Conversation Café

Vicki Robin, a pioneer in the voluntary simplicity movement, came up with the idea of using the ‘conversation café’ model in attempts to take her ideas of simpler living to a higher level. Her organization has more than 60 trained café hosts and has spread internationally after a tremendous start in Seattle.

Conversation Cafés are sponsored by the New Road Map Foundation, a non-profit educational and charitable organization that seeks to foster a cooperative human community in a diverse yet interconnected world by creating and disseminating practical tools and innovative approaches to personal and cultural change.

A Conversation Café is a 90-minute hosted conversation which is held in a public setting like a coffee shop or bookstore, where anyone is welcome to join. A simple format helps people feel at ease and gives everyone who wants to a chance to speak.

Conversation Cafe offers teleconference trainings both for new hosts, and for those who want to brush up on some new skills. Conversation Café host trainings are open to anyone and introduce new and prospective hosts to the basic principles and “situation handling” of hosting Conversation Cafés. The training also includes a practice conversation and a question/answer period.

Resource Link: www.conversationcafe.org

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