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Hague Symposium on Post-Conflict Transitions & International Justice

The Hague Symposium on Post-Conflict Transitions & International Justice is held at the Clingendael Institute for International Relations and is an intensive training by world leaders in the skills necessary to holistically restructure a post-conflict society. The Symposium has special focus on mechanisms of justice, through formal lectures, site visits to International Tribunals and Courts, and interactive simulations and workshops. It is recommended for exceptional professionals or lawyers, graduate students, law students, or accomplished undergraduates.

Transitioning a society from violence to peace is one of the most difficult processes in our field. To be effective leader, you will need a broad understanding of available mechanisms, options, and theories, as well as a deep understanding of why some transitions are successful and others are failures. Train with the International Peace & Security Institute (IPSI) to gain a cross-sectoral perspective and a global network of practitioners/academics.

From IPSI…

In an intense and academically rigorous three weeks of interactive lecture, discussion, and experiential education led by the field’s foremost political leaders, scholars, practitioners, and advocates, The Hague Symposium participants grapple with the “wicked questions” that have befuddled policymakers, scholars, and practitioners in the peacebuilding field.  Through case studies, participants contextualize the issues that drive these questions, discover ways to make sense of the complexities of post-conflict transitions, and anticipate appropriate means for breaking the cycles of violence and vengeance so that those who have been victimized by human rights violations find justice.

Participants gain a deeper understanding of the concepts, controversies, and institutions surrounding the implementation of post-conflict strategies, including security, justice, political, and social mechanisms.  Participants examine which elements have contributed to success and which to failure, as well as gain a thorough understanding of the interplay between dynamics that can and cannot be controlled in a given scenario.

All participants receive a Post-Graduate Certificate in “Post-Conflict Transitions & International Justice” upon completion of the course.  Participants  who choose to undertake additional rigorous assignments have the opportunity to earn a  Post-Graduate Certificate in “Post-Conflict Transitions & International Justice with Distinction.”

Find out more about the Hague Symposium curriculum here.

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The International Peace & Security Institute (IPSI) empowers the next generation of peacemakers. Founded on the core belief that education can mitigate violent conflict, IPSI facilitates the transfer of knowledge and skills to a global audience from the world’s premier political leaders, academic experts, practitioners, and advocates. The Institute develops comprehensive training programs, advances scholarly research, and promotes efforts to raise public awareness of peace and security issues.

Resource Link: http://ipsinstitute.org/the-hague-2015/

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