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Accord: An International Review of Peace Initiatives

This full-text online journal provides detailed narrative and rigorous analysis on specific war and peace processes, combining readability with practical relevance. Accord acts as a primer for international readers unfamiliar with specific wars and peace processes as well as a reference tool containing comprehensive texts of peace agreements.

Conciliation Resources’ Accord Programme aims to support the efforts of those directly involved in transforming armed conflict into opportunities for sustainable human development, by responding to the ongoing challenge of informing and enhancing peace processes around the world. Working collaboratively with locally-based organizations, the Accord Programme aims to: document peace processes and initiatives and the sources and dynamics of particular conflicts; increase public access, both locally and internationally to the understanding of peace processes and peace agreements; and promote learning, domestically and internationally from past and comparable peace making experiences.

Resource Link: www.c-r.org/our-work/accord/index.php

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