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Int’l Summer Certificate Program in Identity-Based Conflict Resolution

The Conflict Resolution, Management and Negotiation Graduate Program (CRMN) [in Hebrew] at Bar-Ilan University (BIU) has recently opened its International Summer Certificate Program in Identity-Based Conflict Resolution, in English. This Summer Program offers students the opportunity to earn 11 academic graduate credits and a certificate in a period of four weeks during the month of July.

Taught by leading scholars and practitioners, this is the only Israeli academic summer certificate program taught in English in the field of conflict resolution. It will examine international, national and local conflicts with a particular emphasis on identity-based conflicts. Its approach is interdisciplinary and addresses various perspectives such as psychology, law, culture, and religion. It offers a diverse student environment and consists of: simulations, guest lectures, an internship course (with two full day study tours), seminars, and workshops in providing theoretical insights and conflict resolution training. The Program will also organize various social events such as meetings with Israeli Jewish/Palestinian students, receptions, and cultural activities.

The Summer Program is comprised of the 5 following courses (each 2 credit hours, for two weeks):

  1. From Identity-Based Conflict to Identity-Based Cooperation
  2. Religion and Conflict Resolution
  3. Collective Memory, Narrative and Conflict
  4. Alternative Dispute Resolution and Culture
  5. Field Work/Internship (3 credits, four weeks) at leading think tanks and practitioner NGOs as well as guided excursions and meetings.

Applicants can register for any number of the courses. Applications are open to current graduate students and holders of undergraduate/graduate degrees, worldwide, from all fields and disciplines in liberal arts and the social sciences, as well as, to professionals and the general public.

For details contact Dr. Rafi Nets, Managing Director of the Summer Program, at rafi.nets-zehngut [at] biu [dot] ac [dot] il.

About the CRMN program
The Conflict Resolution, Management and Negotiation Graduate Program (CRMN) at BIU (est. 2000), which is operating this Summer Program, is an established Israeli CR program. Its students come from all walks of Israeli Jewish, Muslim and Christian societies and its professors merge practice and theory. It awards Masters and PhD degrees (in Hebrew), operates a Mediation Center, as well as sponsors international conferences, training programs and research. It also publishes the International Journal of Conflict Engagement and Resolution, launched the first Religion and Conflict Resolution Masters Track in an Israeli university and founded the Israeli Association of Conflict Resolution.

Resource Link: http://pconfl.biu.ac.il/en/node/1950

This resource was submitted by Dr. Rafi Nets, Managing Director of the BIU CRMN Summer Program, via the Add-a-Resource form.

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