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Creating the Commonwealth: Public Politics and the Philosophy of Public Work

Overall, the general culture has increasingly come to devalue and diminish the capacities, talents, and intelligence of everyday citizens. Authors of the three case histories in this 1999 book from the Kettering Foundation describe new strategies and ideas for renewing public cultures, especially in educational institutions.

The authors had two purposes in this study of conceptual organizing and public work: to explore the potential impact of political concepts in three settings, all concerned in different ways with education for democracy, and to examine what impact the experiences of public work might have on individuals and institutional cultures. Their work helped to clarify the obstacles facing democratic renewal, as well as resources and experiences on which democratic renewal efforts can draw.

By authors Harry C. Boyte, Nancy N. Kari, Jim Lewis, Nan Skelton and Jennifer O’Donoghue.

Resource Link: http://store.kettering.org/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=30 (link updated 8/13)

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