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Auditing Community Participation: An Assessment Handbook

Auditing community participation looks at ways of assessing levels of community involvement in area regeneration initiatives. Through an audit of participation, communities themselves can positively facilitate learning and dialogue for partners and partnerships. The report provides tools and appraisal exercises for measuring the history and patterns of participation; the quality of participation strategies adopted by partners and partnerships; the capacity within partner organisations to support community participation; the capacity within communities to participate effectively; and the impact of participation and its outcomes.

A companion volume evaluating current levels of community involvement, Reflecting realities: Participants’ perspectives on integrated communities and sustainable development, is also available at www.jrf.org.uk/bookshop/details.asp?pubID=291.

This handbook is part of the Area Regeneration series, published from 1996 to 2001, is based on field studies in Britain’s towns and cities. Covering aspects of regeneration from the national to the local, it explores both regeneration policy and strategy and the means of achieving regeneration.

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Danny Burns and Marilyn Taylor

Bristol, UK: The Policy Press (2000)

Resource Link: www.hammicksbma.com

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