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What is Public Engagement and Why Do It? (ILG)

This five-page tip sheet guide from Institute for Local GovernmentWhat is Public Engagement and Why Should I Do It? (2015), has two major sections: part 1 puts forth public engagement terms to help local officials find which approach “fits” best and part 2 gives benefits of engaging the public. Download the PDF for free here.

From the guide…

ILG_PE and WhyWhat is Public Engagement?

Six definitions are given for public officials to better understand which approach is the most appropriate to use: civic engagement, public engagement, public information/outreach, public consultation, public participation/deliberation, and sustained public problem solving.

Why Engage the Public?

  • better identification of the public’s values, ideas and recommendations
  • more informed residents- about issues and about local agencies
  • improved local agency decision-making and actions, with better impacts and outcomes
  • more community buy-in and support, with less contentiousness
  • more civil discussions and decision making
  • faster project implementation with less need to revisit again
  • more trust in each other and in local government
  • higher rates of community participation and leadership development

About the Institute for Local Government
The Institute for Local Government is the nonprofit research education affiliate of the League of California Cities and the California State Association of Counties. Its mission is to promote good government at the local level with practical, impartial and easy-to-use resources for California communities. The Institute’s goal is to be the leading provider of information that enables local officials and their communities to make good decisions. Founded in 1955, the Institute has been serving local officials’ information needs for 55-plus years. Some of the highlights of that history are detailed in the story below. While respecting and honoring its past, the Institute is also intently focused on the present and future. In these difficult economic times, the need for the Institute’s materials for local officials is even greater.

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Resource Link: www.ca-ilg.org/document/what-public-engagement

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