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Bigger Picture

Bigger Picture is a consulting company based in Scandinavia. We provide visual learning and dialogue tools and consulting services enabling ongoing sustainable organizational and personal change. We are a network of consultants, facilitators and illustrators joining forces to create learning designs and processes with visual support.

A bigger picture creates meaning, furthers dialogue, enables leadership and supports collective understanding, learning and action. We make this happen in a sustainable, engaging and democratic way. Through collaboration with multinationals, NGOs and governmental bodies working in the international arena, we wish to support people and organizations in emerging markets and third world countries creating sustainable change. We network and seek partners who are engaged in organizing change processes. We seek to co-create, implement and sell new tools and practices to large established organizations and to distribute the learning, tools and models to entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

Resource Link: www.biggerpicture.dk

Ole Qvist-Sorensen


45 28 11 36 64

Norrebrogade 14, D, 1. sal

DK 2200 Kbh. N


Go to www.visualpractitioner.org to learn more about graphic facilitation and to connect with a graphic facilitator or graphic recorder near you.

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