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Building Collaborative Capacity in Community Coalitions: A Review and Integrative Framework

This 2001 article from the American Journal of Community Psychology (29(2), 241-261) presents the results of a qualitative analysis of 80 articles, chapters, and practitioners’ guides focused on collaboration and coalition functioning. The purpose of this review was to develop an integrative framework that captures the core competencies and processes needed within collaborative bodies to facilitate their success. The resulting framework for building collaborative capacity is presented. Four critical levels of collaborative capacity – member capacity, relational capacity, organizational capacity, and programmatic capacity – are described and strategies for building each type are provided. The implications of this model for practitioners and scholars are discussed.

Article authors include Pennie G. Foster-Fishman, Shelby L. Berkowitz, David W. Lounsbury, and Nicole A. Allen. Click here to purchase the article.

Resource Link: www.springerlink.metapress.com

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