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Building Community Capacity: A Definitional Framework and Case Studies from a Comprehensive Community Initiative

The notion of community capacity building is both explicit and pervasive in the rhetoric, missions, and activities of a broad range of contemporary community development efforts. However, there is limited clarity about the meaning of capacity and capacity building at the neighborhood level. The author suggests a definitional framework for understanding and promoting community capacity, explores the attempt to operationalize a capacity-building agenda through the examination of two contrasting case studies within a multisite comprehensive community initiative (CCI), and suggests some possible next steps toward building community capacity through social change efforts such as CCIs.

Robert J. Chaskin – University of Chicago

Urban Affairs Review, 36, 2921-323 (2001)

Resource Link: uar.sagepub.com/cgi/content/short/36/3/291

From Lars Hasselblad Torres' 'Webliography.'

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