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Reflective Structured Dialogue: A Dialogic Approach to Peacebuilding

Public Conversations Project, in coordination with the Interfaith Mediation Centre in Nigeria and UMass Boston, created this 76-page dialogue guide, Reflective Structured Dialogue: A Dialogic Approach to Peacebuilding (2015), authored by Dave Joseph MSW and Interfaith Mediation Centre. This effort developed this faith-based “hybrid” dialogue model to facilitate peacebuilding efforts between Muslims and Christians, which stemmed from two years of collaboration between four organizations in Nigeria.

From Public Conversations Project

FNeverAgainNigeriaunded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), it was developed and field-tested in northern Nigeria, a region long plagued by identity-based rifts in its social fabric.

The goal of the hybrid model was to blend peacebuilding approaches in a way that offers Scriptural inspiration and support for coexistence and community-building. The hybrid model draws upon Scripture, family systems theory and other approaches to offer specific guidelines, techniques and practices that can help bridge divides of religious, ethnic and other kinds of identity.

This hybrid model represents an integration of these two approaches which has been specifically designed for use within the Nigerian cultural context; however, it is intended to be applicable within many other cultural contexts where faith is a critical factor, and identity differences divide a population, resulting in community rupture or violence.

Download the full guide here.

More About Public Conversations Project
Public Conversations Project fosters constructive conversation where there is conflict driven by differences in identity, beliefs, and values. We work locally, nationally, and globally to provide dialogue facilitation, training, consultation, and coaching. We help groups reduce stereotyping and polarization while deepening trust and collaboration and strengthening communities. Follow on Twitter: @pconversations

More About Interfaith Mediation Centre
Faith is what we recognize in Interfaith Mediation Centre (IMC) and interfaith coexistence towards a developed society free of violent ethno-religious and socio political conflict. To create a peaceful society through non- violent and strategic engagements in Nigeria and beyond. 

Resource Link: www.publicconversations.org/resource/hybrid-model

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