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In this category, we feature individuals (convenors, D&D facilitators, graphic recorders, etc.) who are available to assist you.

Abbey Park Art & Graphic Facilitation

Paul is a Graphic Facilitator, visually capturing live the key learning messages and delegate experiences at conferences, training events and management retreats. This he has done with Barclaycard, Barclays, RBS, General Motors, Bayer, SAAB, BP, Shell, T-Mobile, NPL, GKN, Pappa John’s Pizza, The Northern Housing Association, PZ Cussons and Vinci plc amongst others including local education staff training Inset days. Work has taken him to Indonesia, Thailand, The Middle East, Canada, USA, Australia, Ireland and mainland Europe. Paul has illustrated children’s books, sports books and […] (continue)

Alchemy Consulting LLC

We are process experts who help teams around the world unleash their creativity to solve today's complex business issues. Alchemy gives you a system that works -- graphic recording, strategic illustration, process innovation, organizational strategy, leadership development -- leading you and your business to sustainable success. The Alchemy team, which provided their top-knotch graphic recording services at the 2004 NCDD conference in Denver, consists of Chris Chopyak, Patti Dobrowolski and Lois Todd. (continue)

Alexander & Associates

Betty Alexander brings sixteen years of experience to her work in large system change and leadership development for public and private organizations. As a graphic facilitator, she uses her skills in deep listening, information synthesis, and intuitive visual processing to make group conversation visible. The real-time visual record of a meeting that she creates is designed to optimize group learning and productivity. It illuminates collective wisdom, creates understanding between multiple, contradictory and complex data, acknowledges individual contribution by reflecting what is being voiced by each person, and builds commitment through high participation in meeting processes. (continue)

Anna Scheleit, Artist

Anna Scheleit's public art piece "The State Hospital: In Memoriam" promoted civic dialogue about the mental health system in America through Habeas Corpus, a one time site-specific sound installation of J.S. Bach's Magnificat, making the abandoned building "sing in memory of the thousands of individuals whose lives were affected by the institution." (continue)

Anne M Jess -The Doodle Biz, Graphic Recorder

Anne M. Jess is a graphic recorder based in Seattle. She has been practicing the art of Graphic Recording since 2006. During that time, she received her MA in Organizational Design and Renewal from Seattle University, has run workshops for the American Society of Trainers and Developers, and has created beautiful records of meetings and vision gatherings for groups such as the Seattle School District, the Hanford Challenge, Senior Services of Seattle, and others.  Here is Ann’s description of her work: Have you ever sat through […] (continue)


Ascentum is a Canada-based professional services firm that combines a unique technology expertise with specialized management consulting services. Dialogue Circles is Ascentum's intermodal approach to consultation that aims to maximize the synergies between the traditional and online worlds of consultation and dialogue. Dialogue Circles provides clients with the flexibility to hold online or traditional consultation and dialogue. According to Ascentum, many of the most successful consultation and dialogue endeavors now involve a mix of online tools and traditional face-to-face approaches that complement one another. (continue)

Avril Orloff, Graphic Facilitator

As a graphic facilitator, I create a visual map of the conversation at meetings, workshops, dialogues and other group processes, using words and images to literally draw out people's thinking and surface the 'big picture.' Listening carefully for meaning as well as words, I create a graphic depiction of the conversation as it unfolds, drawing out patterns, themes and connections to weave the parts into an integrated whole. (continue)

Bigger Picture

Bigger Picture is a consulting company based in Scandinavia. We provide visual learning and dialogue tools and consulting services enabling ongoing sustainable organizational and personal change. We are a network of consultants, facilitators and illustrators joining forces to create learning designs and processes with visual support. (continue)

Brandy Agerbeck and Loosetooth.com

Brandy Agerbeck has mapped conversations in many industries: biotechnology, consulting, education, financial, food, insurance, medical, pharmaceutical, retail, technology, transportation, and utilities. She has graphically facilitated groups from 2 to 200 people, working with start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies. Agerbeck is skilled in both hand drawing and computer illustration. Agerbeck has worked in front of thousands of people since 1996, and has a B.A. from Grinnell College in Studio Art. (continue)

Center for Strategic Facilitation

CSF is a partnership of consultants experienced in training, facilitation and organizational development, who collaborate to expand the use of participatory approaches and methods by individuals, organizations and communities. CSF is affiliated with The Institute of Cultural Affairs, a leader over the past four decades in promoting lasting positive change in communities, nonprofit organizations and businesses. They utilize a distinct and proven approach developed by the ICA called the Technology of Participation (ToP), and offer a number of trainings on facilitative leadership and group facilitation methods. (continue)