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In this category, we feature individuals (convenors, D&D facilitators, graphic recorders, etc.) who are available to assist you.

Change Facilitation s.r.o.

Change Facilitation s.r.o is a global network of Change Management consultants who facilitate complex change processes. Change Facilitators use approaches that benefit your entire system, and adapt their interventions to local cultural conditions. Change Facilitation can offer you state-of-the-art advice and training on managing change. (continue)

Christine Valenza, Graphic Facilitator

Christine Valenza has been illustrating the thoughts and processes of groups for over 20 years. Through her deep listening she creates a rapid in-real time visual synthesis of ideas. This work has taken her to Russia, Europe, Asia, Scandinavia, Nairobi, Jerusalem and Barcelona. (continue)

Community At Work

The authors of "Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision-Making" offer a variety of courses on group facilitation skills, effective teams and consulting skills. Community At Work is also a consulting firm, specializing in group decision-making. (continue)

Dalar International Consultancy

Dalar International Consultancy, Inc. offers a holistic approach to leadership development and organizational development that achieves results that some call miraculous. We offer consulting, coaching/mentoring, and meeting facilitation services to those who wish to work with us, always customized to the unique needs of the client, and yet always within a holistic perspective that works with four levels of consciousness: mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical consciousness. (continue)

Dannemiller Tyson Associates

DTA was founded in the early 1980's by Kathleen D. Dannemiller and the late Charles Tyson to help organizations achieve fast, long-lasting change. The earliest work was with the Ford Motor Company as it sought to move its culture from "command and control" to a more participative style. Over the years, DTA has worked with literally hundreds of clients in the profit, non-profit and governmental sectors around the world. DTA consultants are all seasoned senior practitioners skilled in helping organizations chart and travel their own change journeys. (continue)

David Hasbury and Associates

David Hasbury is a graphic facilitator who guides groups through a process of discovery. He incorporates methods that grow out of the popular education movement of Latin America, influenced and shaped by the work of Paolo Friere. (continue)

Emily Shepard, Graphic Recorder

Emily's goal is to help her clients get the most out of their meetings and strategy sessions. Partnering with a facilitator or consultant, Emily visually captures and synthesizes the high level thinking of a group, using words, imagery and metaphor. Working in real time, she creates a series of large format charts that dynamically reflect the discussion back to the participants, allowing them to see gaps, patterns and possibilities. (continue)

Full Circle Associates

The consulting practice of Nancy White and a network of independent professionals, Full Circle Associates provides strategic communication, online community development, facilitation, marketing, and project management services for the community, non-profit and business sectors. Full Circle focuses on online and offline strategies with a passionate interest in online community and collaboration, and provides training in online facilitation and distance collaboration. (continue)

Gecko Graphics

Gecko Graphics is a firm specializing in corporate Mindscaping. Mindscaping is the unique process of transforming ideas and concepts into a powerful, highly visual graphic format of pictures, images, words and key icons. Founder Michelle Boos-Stone captures the 'flow' of business sessions in real time (as a presenter or speaker is talking) in bold, colorful images to help stimulate visual learners to better follow and understand processes and to clearly see interrelationships, while synthesizing thoughts and information. (continue)

Geoff Ball & Associates

Geoff Ball, Ph.D. works in a variety of settings with a wide range of clients in situations that are often complex, technical, conflict-laden, multi-jurisdictional, and involve varying numbers of people from small working groups to large conferences and public meetings. Recently he has focused on facilitation (including graphic facilitation) of key meetings; strategy and strategic planning; facilitation system training; conflict resolution and team building with city councils, boards and senior management teams. (continue)