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In this category, we feature individuals (convenors, D&D facilitators, graphic recorders, etc.) who are available to assist you.

Graphic Tools for Thinking and Learning

Graphic Tools for Thinking and Learning is a graphic facilitation company that provides services in human performance consulting, performance-based training, meeting planning and facilitation, graphic recording and facilitation, and presentation visuals. (continue)


Graphic recorders are highly trained listening and synthesizing experts who visually record and organize group dialogue into dynamic mural-sized notes. Recorders draw on many methods of recording, from capturing detailed text to creating artful metaphors, depending on the needs of an agenda. They partner with your meeting leader to work live and in front of groups turning complex discussions into a powerful meaningful record. After the meeting, the murals are photographed and transformed into hand-held actionable reports with graphics that make the meeting memorable. Our graphic recorders work easily in all industries, with an amazing breadth of understanding of any subject matter. (continue)

Hammond & Landau

Jennifer Hammond Landau is a graphic facilitator, and an associate of long-standing in the San Francisco Bay Area network of organizational development consultants. Her expertise is drawn from twenty years of group facilitation, team building, visioning, goal setting, and the design of participative approaches to project management and large-scale systems change. Jennifer began her career in community development, working with management and human resource development in the non-profit sector. (continue)

Institute for Community Involvement

In 2001, Lance Decker and Theresa Gunn decided that intervening in community-based problems didn't give any long-term relief to clients, so they created ICI, a limited liability corporation. ICI's training, education and research programs focus on the fundamentals of community involvement that can get policy-makers and public managers out of the reactive "swamp" and on to "dry land" through anticipatory planning and problem resolution. (continue)

Institute for Participatory Management and Planning

Hans and Annemarie Bleiker are a husband-and-wife team who have dedicated their professional lives to making organizations with important missions -- especially public agencies -- better at accomplishing their missions. They are devoted to helping make public-sector agencies more effective, thereby improving the lives of both the citizens of their students and the bureaucrats they train. Their Consent-Building methodology is both cutting-edge and entirely unique to their research. The Bleiker's public and private trainings introduce you their unique Approach to Citizen Participation and help you become an "Implementation Genius." (continue)

Jim Channon

Jim Channon has carefully listened to, illustrated the strategies and dreams of, and storytold the details of the future paths of 10 of the worlds largest 100 companies, some national governments, and major institutions. His visual language is complete, his artistic range is grand, and he works currently at the planetary level of complexity. Based in Hawaii, Jim has circled the globe fifty times. (continue)

Karina Mullen, Graphic Recorder and Facilitation

Karina Mullen is a visual facilitator and graphic recorder based in Fort Collins, Colorado. “Visual facilitation” is a method of visual note-taking; simply put, Karina listens to your group talk and captures key ideas from the conversation/meeting/presentation/etc. She uses hand-drawn images and text to make a large map of your ideas in real-time. Using graphic recording helps the group synthesize information, facilitates collaboration, creative thinking, and brings energy to the group. Complex systems are visualized and the conversation is organized so that you can free […] (continue)

Keith Bendis, Graphic Facilitator

Keith Bendis' unique and evocative humorous illustrations have appeared regularly in America's most prestitious publications, including Time, Smithsonian, Business Week, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Forbes, and Newsweek. He also illustrated William Safire's "On Language" column in the New York Times Magazine for 8 years. His satirical drawings of life in New York City appeared in his own "Sketchbook" feature for the Sunday New York Daily News. Keith currently illustrates the Regulators' column for the business section of The Washington Post. Corporate clients include AT&T, IBM, and American Express. (continue)

Kelvy Bird

Based in Massachusetts, Kelvy Bird works as a graphic facilitator in the field of organizational development with clients such as Dialogos, BP, Alphachimp, Innovation Labs, The Ashland Institute, and Woodlands Attunement on aspects of leadership, collective intelligence, diversity, innovation, and calling. Additionally, Bird volunteers for activities that increase the visibility of art in the public sphere, including core development functions with ARTSomerville, the website of Vernon Street Studios, and registration redesign for Somerville Open Studios. (continue)

Lane Change: Graphic Facilitator/Recorder

Based in San Francisco, Lane Change offers graphic facilitation and recording services by practitioners with a deep understanding of group processes and the psychology of change. They create murals of your conversations using text and imagery that can be used to support the change you are creating. They have worked with groups of people from 3-300 from around the globe. Their approach and portfolio can be viewed on their website. Resource Link:  http://www.lanechangeconsulting.com Submitted by Nevada Lane, principal graphic recorder at Lane Change Consulting, via […] (continue)