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Notable Websites…

Websites featuring rich resource databases, great wikis, or other extraordinary features of interest to those who work in dialogue, deliberation, public engagement and conflict resolution.

Change Management Blog

This blog, hosted by Holger Nauheimer from Germany, is for change management facilitators and anyone interested in the subject. The concept of change management describes a structured approach to transitions in individuals, teams, organizations and societies that moves the target from a current state to a desired state. (continue)

Change Management Toolbook

Originally a printed book, the Change Management Toolbook is now a feature-rich online space at www.change-management-toolbook.com. Register on the site for access to all kinds of change management-related information, to network with change practitioners (over 17,200 registered users), tap into and contribute to a growing resource base, or market your products and services. (continue)


Developed by the Citizens and Civics Unit of the government of Western Australia, the Citizenscape website is designed to provide resources for those interested in active citizenship and community consultation and participation. The site incorporates a catalog of direct links to government consultation efforts on a range of policy issues. (continue)


CitizenTube is a new website from the makers of YouTube, a popular website where people share their videos. CitizenTube is a place where everyone who is politically minded, from website users to candidates, has the same chance to be seen and heard. (continue)

Civic Practices Network (CPN)

CPN's website features an array of excellent resources for the "new citizenship movement." The Network shares a commitment to bringing practical methods for public problem solving into every community and institutional setting in the U.S. (continue)


Civic Commons is an effort to assist public agencies in the adoption of open systems and collaborative technologies, and to coordinate the co-creation of these technologies among agencies to ensure interoperability and shareability. Civic Commons provides infrastructure, knowledge, and toolsets to government entities, and encourages the development of shared "civic technologies" and protocols as well as supplies optional technical infrastructure (such as data and project hosting) as needed. (continue)

Civilrights.org (The Online Social Justice Network)

Civilrights.org provides a home for policy perspectives, strategies, and research. Run by the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, a coalition of 180 organizations working for equality and justice. Visitors can post events to the calendar, add content to the library, etc. (continue)

Co-Intelligence Institute

Founded by Tom Atlee, CII promotes awareness of co-intelligence (a shared, integrated form of intelligence) and of many tools and ideas that can be used to increase it. CII's website is loaded with excellent, useful resources. (continue)

CODEP (archive)

Founded in the UK in 1993, CODEP (the Conflict, Development and Peace Network) is a multi-disciplinary forum for academics, organizations and practitioners involved in exploring the causes of conflict and its impact on people's lives. Some of CODEP's activities include an email newsletter, an online database, and an annual international conference on conflict and development. (continue)

Communication Initiative

The Communication Initiative (The CI) network is an online space for sharing the experiences of, and building bridges between, the people and organisations engaged in or supporting communication as a fundamental strategy for economic and social development and change. It does this through a process of initiating dialogue and debate and giving the network a stronger, more representative and informed voice with which to advance the use and improve the impact of communication for development. This process is supported by a web-based resource of summarised information and several electronic publications, as well as online research, review and discussion platforms providing insight into communication for development experiences. (continue)