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Mirroring Evil: Nazi Imagery/Recent Art

Mirroring Evil: Nazi Imagery/Recent Art was a contemporary art exhibition at the Jewish Museum in New York City in 2002 which was accompanied by extensive education programs, forums for discussion, and a major publication. The exhibit addressed the complicity and complacency toward evil in today's society seen through the eyes of artists using Nazi imagery as gripping analogies to current social issues. These emerging and mid-career artists are two and three generations removed from the events of WWII and the Holocaust. (continue)

Trust Among Leaders

Citizens of Lima, Ohio and Lima/Allen County participated in a theater-making and dialogue process with Michael Rohd and Sojourn Theatre to examine issues of trust among leaders. Water resource issues had divided city and county officials and residents, and the metaphor of water provided an entry point for Sojourn Theatre and artistic director Rohd to engage citizens and officials in interviews and theater/dialogue workshops that sought to build trust and honest dialogue. A resulting new play or "poetic documentary" was presented in public performances and to a cross section of leaders and citizens at a community conference. (continue)

Kathryn Blume, Performance Artist

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Northwest Area Arts Council

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Vermont Arts Council

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Anna Scheleit, Artist

Anna Scheleit's public art piece "The State Hospital: In Memoriam" promoted civic dialogue about the mental health system in America through Habeas Corpus, a one time site-specific sound installation of J.S. Bach's Magnificat, making the abandoned building "sing in memory of the thousands of individuals whose lives were affected by the institution." (continue)

Mozambique National Ballet Company

The Mozambique National Ballet Company combines folk and contemporary dance in powerful performances that capture the national imagination and drive public debate. Their performance 'The Sacred Tree' addresses environmental issues in rural communities in Africa by examining the need for local people to manage and protect local forests. Company members learned from local people about the role of dance in the local culture and about the various dances used. They used dances linked to forest and other natural resources. (continue)

CounterPULSE & Shaping San Francisco

CounterPULSE provides support and low cost resources for emerging artists, serving as an incubator space to create socially relevant, diverse, community-based art in San Francisco. CounterPULSE works towards a world that celebrates a diversity of race, class, ability, gender identity & sexual orientation. (continue)

Katrina Brown, Filmmaker

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NYU Tisch School of the Arts

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