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Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center

The Cambridge Multicultural Art Center (CMAC) is a non-profit corporation founded in 1978 as an arts center focused on helping diverse populations better understand one another. Our mission is to present visual and performing arts programs to educate the community about diversity, and make our facility available to artists or groups that might not otherwise have access to a professionally equipped facility or the cultural mainstream. (continue)

The Democracy Project: A Laboratory in Arts and Civic Dialogue

The Democracy Project: A Laboratory in Arts and Civic Dialogue, was a multidisciplinary performance co-created by students and teachers with the goal of examining their experiences and expectations of 'public' acts of citizenship. Participants engaged in dialogue with each other during the process/building stage, and engaged with the public at the end of the project. (continue)

Peace Tiles Project

Peace Tiles offers an easy to follow, dynamic process to engage people of all ages in the exploration of global issues through art, while building connections around the world. Peace Tiles envisions a world in which schools and other public places around the world are bound together through the visual arts. To do this, the Peace Tiles projects stimulates and supports the production and exchange of "Peace Tiles," intimate works of art that, when displayed together, create vibrant, dynamic, large-scale murals. (continue)

Liz Lerman Dance Exchange

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Peggy Diggs, Artist

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Children's Theatre Company

The Children's Theatre Company (CTC) is recognized as North America's flagship theatre for young people and families as well as a major cultural and artistic resource in Minnesota. Founded in 1965, CTC has set a standard for excellence in theatre for young people, the creation of new work, and arts education. CTC has utilized dialogue both to develop performances and to encourage audience members to engage following performances. (continue)

CEC Artslink

CEC ArtsLink is an international arts service organization. Our programs support exchange of artists and cultural managers in the United States with their counterparts in Central Europe, Russia and Eurasia. (continue)

The Writer's Voice of Billings Montana

More than 25 YMCAs host the YMCA National Writer's Voice program, a network of independent literary arts centers at YMCAs. Writer's Voice centers meet the needs of their communities through local programs while sharing national programs, training and other resources. One of the projects of the Billings, Montana Writer's Voice was called 'Finding Common Ground in an Uncommon Land.' It was a series of public readings and writer-led discussions held in rural communities in Montana. The series was intended to provide opportunities for dialogue around issues of land usage, family communication and intergenerational transfer of ranch property. (continue)

Dance Umbrella

Dance Umbrella believes that dance helps describe, define, and deepen our experience of living. For us, dance is a kinetic form of communication, which includes all forms of movement and physical expression. Dance Umbrella's mission is to promote the knowledge, appreciation, practice and performance of dance. With the goal of expanding audiences and support for dance, Dance Umbrella works to encourage innovative and meaningful communication between artists and the entire community. (continue)

Liz Swados, Performance Artist

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