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Building Community Capacity in Evaluating IT Projects: Outcomes of the LEARNERS Project

This report details case studies, findings and outcomes from the LEARNERS project (Learning, Evaluation, Action & Reflection for New technologies, Empowerment and Rural Sustainability), which was conducted from 2001-2004. The project was undertaken in collaboration with two communities in rural Queensland - the Tara and Stanthorpe Shires - and five industry partners. It involved implementing and conducting an ongoing evaluation of a participatory process for evaluating community-based communication and information technology. (continue)

Deliberative Polling

Deliberative Polling (continue)

Indigenous Community Governance in Queensland 1984-2000

This article reviews the ?developments in Indigenous community governance in Queensland since the passage of the Community Services (Aborigines) Act 1984' and the Community Services (Torres Strait) Act 1984 and ? distil[s] some of the lessons of this experience as guidance for the current review of the Community Services Acts.' Following reported dissatisfaction with the Community Services legislation, a Legislation Review Committee (?LRC') was formed from five Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Representatives to consult with the community on the effectiveness and impact of the legislation. (continue)

Think Tanks and the Policy-Making Community in Australia

Australia has a reputation as a highly corporatized society with substantial public support for interest group representation in national policy making. This article deals with the modest but encouraging steps Australia is taking to review the place of think tanks in international development assistance, before turning to the more domestic issues affecting the place of think tanks in community deliberation over constitutional change. (continue)

International Association of Facilitators (IAF)

The IAF encourages and supports the formation of local groups of facilitators to network and provide professional development opportunities for their members. Regional groups from around the world are invited to become affiliated with the IAF to help promote the profession of facilitation as a critical set of skills in the global society of the 21st century. (continue)

Citizen Science Toolbox Case Study: Byron Bay Expert Panel

Byron Shire Council (BSC) in New South Wales, Australia, is engaged in the development of a coastline management plan that proposes a number of options for future coastal development. The plan gives particular focus to current beach erosion issues in the Northern Byron Shire beaches of Belongil and New Brighton. The process for development of the plan has included Council-hosted public meetings to discuss the preferred options with the community. (continue)

Deliberative Democracy in Australia: The Changing Place of Parliament

Parliament is central to the democratic claims of Australia's system of governance. This book evaluates the role and performance of parliament. It explores the institutional design of the parliament, and its principles and practices, presenting a compelling case for reform. Uhr discusses parliament's representative and legislative roles, and the issue of accountability. He looks at the place of representative assemblies in liberal political theory and assesses current institutional performance. He argues that republicanism can be seen as a form of deliberative democracy, examining ways in which such democracy might be made more effective and meaningful in Australia. (continue)

Citizenship: Building a Shared Future

It is within the human condition to develop an identity both as an individual and as part of a group or community. Australia's rich community life has been forged by people of diverse ethnic backgrounds and experiences, contributing to our society through many types of involvement. However, in the complex and changing globalised environment that we live in today, it is easy for people to feel powerless and dislocated from society. This Citizenship Discussion Paper is about the people of Western Australia having a say in the type of future they want to build for the next generation of citizens and the part that they want to play in this most important of endeavours. (continue)

Report on the 2005 Innovation in Community Engagement Conference

This is Tom Atlee's summary of his 2005 trip to a groundbreaking conference on Innovation in Community Engagement in Perth, Australia. The conference took place on May 30 and 31, 2005 at the Burswood Convention Centre. This text was originally posted in NCDD's old Happenings blog. (continue)

Community Participation in Local Government

Democracy, as we know it in Australia, is fragile and can be easily undermined. Too often, especially recently, it has been used to further individual interests at the expense of the community. This paper aims to strengthen democracy by: (i) identifying the vulnerable points of Victoria's democratic local government system (prior to the installation of Commissioners); (ii) redefining democracy in terms of our preferred style of democracy - participatory democracy; and (iii) presenting ideas as to which processes and structures would maximise participatory democracy at the local government level, assuming that the Councils are democratically-elected. (continue)