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Global Facilitator Service Corps

Through our support of volunteer facilitators worldwide, GFSC helps communities build their capacity to work through their challenges and create sustainable solutions. GFSC is dedicated to helping communities, groups and institutions address their needs, help people learn how to resolve their differences, care for themselves, solve problems and create sustainable solutions. We mentor, coach and share tools and techniques with volunteer facilitators in local communities, encouraging and supporting the use of local resources to meet local needs. (continue)

Association for the Study and Development of Community

ASDC is a research and development organization for community capacity building and social problem solving. ASDC represents a network of leading community development practitioners and scientists in the United States and Europe, with offices in Gaithersburg, Maryland and Milan, Italy. ASDC provides capacity building services to government agencies, foundations and nonprofit organizations. (continue)

Think it Through: What it takes to design & fund an effective communications strategy

The digital media environment brings new potential for partnerships and collaborations, inviting qualitatively different relationships between organisations and their constituencies, members and donors. Non-profit leaders need credible, succinct information to meet the challenges of the digital age. The Benton Foundation capacity building project documented best practices and lessons learned by non-profits about the impact, successes, failures and struggles in using the strategic communications toolkit. This toolkit catalogues valuable lessons on what it takes to design and fund an effective communications technology strategy, including planning, audience development, message shaping, evaluation and funding. (continue)

Building Communities from the Inside Out: A Path Toward Finding and Mobilizing a Community’s Assets

This book includes a step-by-step description of asset-based community development, a strengths-based approach for identifying and building upon the human resources that are already present in any community. (continue)

Fighting Urban Poverty: Which Participatory Approaches?

This report summarizes a panel held during a side event of the third annual World Urban Forum in Vancouver, Canada, June 2005. Due to the rapid urbanization of poverty, the focus was on issues relating to approaches, methodologies, tools and techniques that are relevant to participatory methods in tackling this growing phenomenon. (continue)

Dialogos, Inc.

Founded by William Isaacs, Dialogos promotes the spirit and practice of dialogue for strategic use at all levels of leadership within and across organizations. They work with client organizations to meet their business objectives by transforming taken-for-granted limits in ways of thinking and acting. (continue)

Power to the Edges: Trends and Opportunities in Online Civic Engagement

This 43-page report is a snapshot of the current state of online democracy in the age of connectivity brought about by the Internet and other digital information technologies. The implications for nonprofit organizations are significant and challenging. The authors urge nonprofits and the funders who support them to integrate online and offline activities, leverage and strengthen networks of activists and brandish a new set of leadership skills that are facilitative and inclusive. (continue)

National Civility Center

NCC's work is focused on distributing better tools for capacity building and helping individuals and institutions to be strong champions for improvement in their own communities. We believe that a comprehensive approach to community improvement - one that engages all local stakeholders around shared ideas and a unified plan for action - can help community members and organizations become more effective at solving tough social issues. (continue)

Creating Community From Chaos: A Guide to Community Involvement

Involving the public in the decisions that affect them is not only the right thing to do, it is the law! Creating Community From Chaos offers public officials, urban planners, administrators, and community volunteers the hands-on skills and tools they need to build community capacity, solve community problems, and create community partnerships. (continue)

Building Collaborative Capacity in Community Coalitions: A Review and Integrative Framework

This article presents the results of a qualitative analysis of 80 articles, chapters, and practitioners' guides focused on collaboration and coalition functioning. The purpose of this review was to develop an integrative framework that captures the core competencies and processes needed within collaborative bodies to facilitate their success. The resulting framework for building collaborative capacity is presented. Four critical levels of collaborative capacity - member capacity, relational capacity, organizational capacity, and programmatic capacity - are described and strategies for building each type are provided. The implications of this model for practitioners and scholars are discussed. (continue)