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Asset Based Community Development

Instead of focusing on a community's needs, deficiencies and problems, Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) helps communities become stronger and more self-reliant by discovering, mapping and mobilizing all their local assets. (continue)

Generative Dialogue Project

The Generative Dialogue Project emerged in late 2003 as part of the Global Leadership Initiative, a broad effort to address the need for more effective approaches to global problem solving. From the outset, our intention for the GDP has been to organize a community of experienced dialogue practitioners as a peer learning group to work together to advance the state of the art of dialogic problem solving and to promote the use of the most effective processes in the global arena. (continue)

Towards Participatory Urban Governance: Awareness-to-Action Processes for Citizens and City Managers

Obviously, there is a felt need to bridge the aspirations of citizens with the officials and functions of the municipality. Capacity building for municipalities in understanding community participation, and participatory approaches is one sphere of interface that needs primary attention. Equally important is to organise citizen groups and implement capacity-building strategies for citizen action. The third sphere of action, perhaps the most difficult, is to adopt an integrated approach to a mixed group. Hopefully, this process should lead to understanding the underlying currents of urban governance, the complimentarity of service providers and service receivers, ultimately leading to improved quality of life with mutual respect. (continue)

Civic Engagement: A Guide for Communities

This 17-page booklet grows out of the authors' experiences over a number of years in the community of Arlington, Virginia. What is offered here is not a "cookbook" formula but a set of questions and touchstones--civic conversation, "inreach," and civic governance--to help citizens, in whatever roles and communities they find themselves, grapple with the need for civic engagement. Working through these questions and referring back to the touchstones is, we have found, the essence of vital and vibrant civic engagement. (continue)