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Involving Youth in Your Agency’s Sustainability Activities

This new report from the Institute for Local Government focuses on youth engagement with local governments, particularly on the issues of climate change and energy. The white paper looks at the impact of youth boards and commissions in some California cities, youth involvement in public meetings, and creating programming geared toward a younger audience. The report compiles a fairly comprehensive set of resources to use when thinking about and developing youth involvement strategies. This white paper originally appeared as an article in the September 2011 […] (continue)

World Wide Views on Global Warming

Led by the Danish Board of Technology, World Wide Views on Global Warming (2009) is considered the first in-depth global citizen consultancy on climate change. WWViews established a model for the future inclusion of the world’s citizens in global policymaking. The novel and practical project design made it potentially possible for all nations on the planet to take part and to produce comparable results that can be clearly communicated to policymakers. World Wide Views on Global Warming involved roughly 4,000 citizens in 38 countries spanning […] (continue)

Facing the Challenges of Climate Change Choicework guide

As both the leading producer of greenhouse gas emissions and the world’s most powerful country, the United States has a special responsibility to lead the way in the search for solutions. Fortunately, we have a long tradition of solving big problems and meeting new challenges. It is high time for the American spirit of innovation to be put to work on meeting the challenges of climate change. This Public Agenda Choicework guide explores the question: Where do we start? Based on decades of research and […] (continue)

Alberta Climate Dialogue (ABCD) project

How can collective deliberation by citizens lead to wise and timely action on climate change, including by municipal and provincial governments? Alberta (Canada) is a testing ground for this question over the next five yearsn (2010 to 2015). An international team of scholars, NGOs, businesses, and governments will be addressing it, supported by $1 million in funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and over $3 million in contributions from other sources. (continue)

Global Environment: Considering U.S. Policy

Global warming is in the news daily. This issue is not new. The Kyoto Treaty went into effect on February 16, 2005. While many European nations and Japan signed the treaty, the United States did not. What should U.S. policy be concerning global environmental issues? This resource presents four divergent policy options on the question of U.S. global environment policy. Resources to facilitate deliberation on this issue are included. Links to additional materials are also available. The materials are produced for use in high school classrooms, and are easily adapted to public discussion. (continue)