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United States Institute of Peace

The USIP is an independent, nonpartisan federal institution created and funded by Congress to strengthen the nation's capacity to promote the peaceful resolution of international conflict. Established in 1984, the Institute provides an array of programs, including grants, fellowships, conferences and workshops, library services, publications, and other educational activities. The Jeannette Rankin Library Program supports the information and research needs of the Institute's programs and outside practitioners, researchers, libraries and the public through collections, services, networks, cooperative relationships, grants and outreach activities. (continue)

Mediation: An Alternative That Works

This 30-minute video is great for introducing and winning support for a peer mediation effort, especially at the middle school and upper elementary level. It was developed and produced by award-winning student mediators and their peer mediation coordinator from Forest Park Middle School, Springfield, MA, USA. It is set in a diverse urban middle school, and the voiceover and narration are by students. (continue)

Public Conversations Project’s Approach

PCP's mission is to foster a more inclusive, empathic and collaborative society by promoting constructive conversations and relationships among those who have differing values, world views, and positions about divisive public issues. Since 1990, PCP has convened, designed, and facilitated numerous dialogues on a variety of controversial public issues, including abortion, the environment, population and development, sexual orientation and religion, and economic difference. (continue)

NCDD Commentary: The First Day of Global Arab Jewish Dialogue

This commentary was submitted by Libby and Len Traubman for the NCDD website on July 31, 2003. It begins "The First Day of Global Arab Jewish Dialogue -- Sunday, July 20, 2003 -- was marked in our area when Palestinians and Jews attended the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival to see two documentaries about Hebron -- one about Palestinian women, the other about Jewish women.... (continue)

Public Policy Research Institute at the University of Montana – Graduate Program for Natural Resources Conflict Resolution

The Public Policy Research Institute at the University of Montana offers a graduate-level program to help students negotiate the governance of natural resources through dialogue and problem solving. The only program of its kind in the U.S., The Natural Resources Conflict Resolution Program teaches students theories underlying collaboration, multiparty negotiation, consensus building, and deliberative dialogue as well as skills to prevent and resolve natural resources conflicts. (continue)

20,000 Dialogues

20,000 Dialogues is a nationwide campaign to bring people of different faiths together using films about Muslims to stimulate discussion and promote understanding. It brings the concept of interfaith dialogue into the hands of ordinary people who want to make a positive difference. 20,000 Dialogues is a Unity Production Foundation (UPF) project in cooperation with Connecting Cultures, LLC. (continue)

A Conversation About Conflict

Search for Common Ground's "Conversations About Conflict" are 1.5- to 2-hour workshops that can be run for any given audience interested in conflict resolution. The purpose of the Conversation is to help people develop a new awareness of conflicts in our lives - how we currently respond to them, what they cost us, and the alternative approaches that can be used to deal with them in a more constructive manner. SFCG offers a dialogue guide and other resources to help you lead Conversations About Conflict. (continue)

Peacemaking Circles: From Crime to Community

This book provides an overview of how peacemaking circles can be used with the justice system as a form of restorative justice. Includes numerous stories and guidelines to support the work that many pioneering community members and criminal justice professionals are doing around the world to explore a more healing, constructive response to crime. Now in its third printing, this popular and highly readable book describes the Circle process in depth not only as a practice but also as a philosophy of how to be together "in a good way." It shows how Circles help us use conflicts as opportunities to address the roots of harm and to build good relationships in families, schools, businesses, and communities. (continue)

Us and Them

MI PsySR's US and THEM: The Challenge of Diversity program is a community education project which fosters positive tolerance. A presenter's manual, also called Us and Them, was designed for use by psychologists and other professionals interested in promoting intergroup understanding, reconciliation and cooperation. Includes lecture formats, overheads, exercises and discussion guides in three-ring binder for easy duplication. (continue)

MSNBC Coverage of the Jewish/Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group

Inspiring 10-minute VHS or PAL format video of 2002 MSNBC coverage of the long-running and much-duplicated Jewish/Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group convened by Libby and Len Traubman in San Mateo, California. View this and other videos covering Jewish-Palestinian dialogue at traubman.igc.org/stream.htm. (continue)