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Citizen Reflective Council

The concept "citizen reflective councils" is emerging through our deeper study of the concept Citizen Deliberative Council. In most materials at www.co-intelligence.org - and in the book The Tao of Democracy - we've used the term "Citizen Deliberative Council to embrace a set of democratic innovations that we now believe may need to be reconceptualized. (continue)

Consensus Conference

Consensus Conferences, developed in Denmark, are used in a variety of settings and typically involve a group of citizens with varied backgrounds who meet to discuss issues of a scientific or technical nature. The conference has two stages: the first involves small group meetings with experts to discuss the issues and work towards consensus. The second stage assembles experts, media and the public where the conferences main observations and conclusions are presented. (continue)

Enhancing Public Participation in Participatory Public Policy Analysis Concerning Technology: A Report of Two Danish-Style Consensus Conferences

This paper reviews a research project involving two versions of the Danish consensus conference conducted at North Carolina State University in 2001. One version was conducted in the usual, face-to-face mode, while the other version was conducted entirely on the Internetthe first consensus conference conducted via the Internet. The paper discusses the importance of public deliberations in making public policy about science & technology, the organization and implementation of the Citizens Technology Forum, and some lessons learned from the experience. (continue)