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Education: How Can Schools and Communities Work Together to Meet the Challenge? A Guide for Involving Community Members in Public Dialogue and Problem Solving (3rd Edition)

A multiple-session discussion guide examining the challenges schools face and the ways in which citizens and educators can improve education. (continue)

The Next Form of Democracy: How Expert Rule Is Giving Way to Shared Governance… and Why Politics Will Never Be the Same

According to author Matt Leighninger, beneath the national radar, the relationship between citizens and government is undergoing a dramatic shift. More than ever before, citizens are educated, skeptical, and capable of bringing the decision-making process to a sudden halt. Public officials and other leaders are tired of confrontation and desperate for resources. In order to address persistent challenges like education, race relations, crime prevention, land use planning, and economic development, communities have been forced to find new ways for people and public servants to work together. The stories of civic experiments in this book can show us the realpolitik of deliberative democracy, and illustrate how the evolution of democracy is already reshaping politics. (continue)

Helping Every Student Succeed: Schools and Communities Working Together

A four-session discussion guide to help schools and communities improve academic achievement for all students. (continue)

D&D Success Stories

Below are dozens of links to dialogue and deliberation success stories and case studies that are available online. Approaches covered include Deliberative Polling, Citizens Juries, Future Search, National Issues Forums, Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue, AmericaSpeaks, Study Circles, the Public Conversations Project, and Wisdom Councils. NCDD has been compiling these resources for the D&D community for several years, but we could really use your help keeping this page updated. Email us at ncdd@thataway.org with your additions and changes. (continue)

Approaches to Public Engagement in the U.S.

This chart introduces 10 approaches to deliberative forms of citizen engagement that have evolved in the United States over the last 25 years. The approaches included are 21st Century Town Meeting, Deliberative Poll, Large-Scale Online Dialogue, Citizen Jury, Dynamic Planning Charrette, National Issues Forum, Constructive Conversations, Community-Wide Study Circles, ChoiceWork Dialogue, and online Small Group Dialogue. Includes distinguishing characteristics and notable examples of each method. (continue)

Letter About Results of Madison Study Circles on Race

Walsh conducted extensive survey evaluations of the Madison, WI, and Aurora, IL, Study Circles on Race programs. She conducted pre- and post-test participant surveys to participants and used a sample of people on the waiting list as the control group. This 12-page letter/report measures participants' attitudes toward program, behavior changes and their suggestions for future program changes. (continue)

Study Circular: E-Newsletter for Dialogue & Action

The Study Circular is a monthly e-newsletter with the latest news on study circle programs, useful resources, and more. SCRC is dedicating to finding ways for all kinds of people to engage in dialogue and problem solving on critical social and political issues. Email scrc@studycircles.org to subscribe. (continue)

For next set of national campaign issues, think locally

Matt Leighninger, senior associate at the Study Circles Resource Center, wrote this op-ed, asking party leaders to take note of the changing relationship between citizens and government on key public issues, such as homeowner protection, budgeting processes, and family-driven schools. (continue)

Wallace House Foundation

The Wallace House Foundation commemorates the remarkable influences of the Wallace Family on Iowa, the nation and the world. The Foundation preserves the Wallace House as a historical center and meeting facility, and facilitates discussion of and education about contemporary issues in agriculture, conservation, democracy and quality of life. (continue)

A Spectrum of Politics and Governance Grounded in Empowered Citizen Dialogue and Deliberation

This article addresses the question of how to connect different forms of citizen dialogue and deliberation - from mass participatory contexts to more complex forms of deliberation with limited participation - to generate collective wisdom that is truly democratic. (continue)