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Democracy Dispatches (email newsletter)

Democracy Dispatches is Demos' bi-weekly issue briefing that tracks and analyzes legislative and political developments on democracy issues in the states. Demos is a non-partisan, non-profit public policy research and advocacy organization which seeks to bring everyone into the life of American democracy and to achieve a broadly shared prosperity characterized by greater opportunity and less disparity. (continue)

Citizens at the Center: A New Approach to Civic Engagement

The central claims of this noteworthy 31-page white paper are that "public service" is a more powerful frame around which to rally Americans for democratic renewal than "civic engagement" and the encouragement of public deliberation should be at the center of renewal efforts. Scholar Peter Levine of the University of Maryland has written that he considers the paper a breakthrough. Cynthia Gibson makes deliberation-linked-to-action the heart of civic engagement, instead of voting and/or service. (continue)

Putting “Public” Back in Public Health Work

Experts say chances of a deadly worldwide outbreak of pandemic flu are increasing. In order to involve the public in developing plans for how the government would react to such an outbreak, the CDC held four public meetings to hear public views about possible community control measures that could limit the outbreak. This report outlines and evaluates this award-winning project, which sought to put the "public" in public health by effectively allowing people to participate in policy development. (continue)

Gecko Graphics

Gecko Graphics is a firm specializing in corporate Mindscaping. Mindscaping is the unique process of transforming ideas and concepts into a powerful, highly visual graphic format of pictures, images, words and key icons. Founder Michelle Boos-Stone captures the 'flow' of business sessions in real time (as a presenter or speaker is talking) in bold, colorful images to help stimulate visual learners to better follow and understand processes and to clearly see interrelationships, while synthesizing thoughts and information. (continue)

Interaction Institute for Social Change

IISC provides training, consulting, partnership building, coaching, and facilitation services. Our multicultural team of seasoned consultants and practitioners helps to develop the capacity of individuals, organizations, and communities. We facilitate partnerships across the public, social, and private sectors and provide networking opportunities for social change agents. IISC is emerging as a premier designer and facilitator of large scale, multi-stakeholder social change efforts. (continue)

Complexity, Politics, Policy and People

This PowerPoint presentation offers insights on how a process of deliberative dialogue was used in Canada by the Advisory Panel on Fiscal Imbalance (Council of the Federation) as part of its consultative process on how to better share funds between governments. The presentation describes the dialogue process and the resulting roadmap citizens provided to decision-makers in working through how to address this politicized issue of sharing funds. It shows how engagement can be effective in identifying citizen solutions that reflect an understanding and appreciation of the policy challenges. MacKinnon's presentation was made to a session, "Using Citizen Deliberation to Tackle Health Care Reform and Fiscal Imbalance," at the 2007 Canadian Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation. (continue)

Health Care that Works for All Americans: Community Meeting Kit

The Citizens' Health Care Working Group was formed to host a national conversation about the U.S. health care system. The Community Meeting Kit includes a discussion guide, the Health Report to the American People, and multimedia resources such as video trailers. (continue)

Governance Structures and Political Processes in a Public System: Lessons from Quebec

This paper concentrates on the dynamics involved in the emergence of new governing capabilities in public systems. More precisely the implementation of regionalization policies in the health care field (in this case of Canada) conceived as one major attempt to renew the governance structures in a large public system is studied. The study draws on the comparative analysis of empirical regulation in 3 health regions as contrasted with 3 ideal type models of governance in regionalized systems. (continue)

Tips for Writing Op-Ed Articles

Here are some great tips that Joe Goldman from AmericaSpeaks sent out to people who were considering writing op-eds/letters to the editor in response to John Edwards' October 2007 announcement that he would create deliberative "Citizen Congresses" if he were to become President. These are great tips for anyone writing a letter to the editor of their local paper on any topic. (continue)

Health Care that Works for All Americans: Discussion Guide

The Citizens' Health Care Working Group was formed to host a national conversation about the U.S. health care system. The discussion guide provides an overview of the key facts and issues. (continue)