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Simon Fraser University – Undergraduate Semester in Dialogue

The Undergraduate Semester in Dialogue addresses what we believe is the principal challenge for contemporary education: to inspire students with a sense of civic responsibility, encourage their passion to improve Canadian society, and develop innovative intellectual tools for effective problem solving. Each semester we develop an original and intensive learning experience that uses dialogue to focus student education on public issues. (continue)

American University – School of International Service

The Peacebuilding and Development Institute provides knowledge, practical experience and skills for scholars and practitioners involved in conflict resolution, peacebuilding, humanitarian assistance and development. There are two components to the institute: one is the summer professional training program and the other is the year-round practical training, capacity building, and curriculum development programs in conflict areas. (continue)

University of Denver – Applied Communication Master’s Degree

The Applied Communication program at the University of Denver University College is designed to provide the real-time and practical knowledge and skills that develop specific industry expertise required for career success in a wide range of communication professions. (continue)

Sustained Dialogue Campus Network

The Sustained Dialogue Campus Network (SDCN) is a project of The International Institute for Sustained Dialogue (IISD). In 1999, students began using a unique process called Sustained Dialogue (SD) to proactively improve race relations on college campuses. A network of Sustained Dialogue practitioners has since formed, connecting students at over a dozen colleges, universities, and high schools across the country. This network, called the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network, represents a budding social movement of passionate students deeply engaged in changing the dynamics of their campus climate. (continue)

Soliya’s Connect Program

Utilizing new web-based videoconferencing technology, small groups of university students from the US and predominantly Muslim Countries in the Middle East meet weekly on-line with the help of skilled facilitators. Together they engage in intensive dialogue about the relationship between the U.S. and the Arab and Muslim World, with a particular emphasis on the role of the media in shaping perceptions of the "other." (continue)

Creating the Commonwealth: Public Politics and the Philosophy of Public Work

Overall, the general culture has increasingly come to devalue and diminish the capacities, talents, and intelligence of everyday citizens. Authors of the three case histories in this book describe new strategies and ideas for renewing public cultures, especially in educational institutions. (continue)

University of Denver – Conflict Resolution Institute

The Conflict Resolution Institute at the University of Denver will challenge your understanding of conflict as you explore its theoretical roots and craft peaceful solutions. The Institute is home to the Graduate Program, founded in 1998, and the Center for Research and Practice, established in 2004. (continue)

Hoftstra University – Center for Civic Engagement

The Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) is a university-based institute, designed to strengthen democratic values by encouraging students to actively participate as knowledgeable citizens in their campus, local, state, national and global communities. (continue)

University of Baltimore – Center for Negotiations and Conflict Management

The center provides education, training and services in the broad field of negotiations and conflict prevention, management and resolution. The center emphasizes efforts to disseminate and apply conflict management skills to nourish relationships with the community that will sustain and improve social harmony and increase economic productivity. The center runs a 42-credit Master's program in Negotiations and Conflict Management. (continue)

Antioch University – Ph.D. in Leadership and Change

This is a distinctive, intensive-residency, doctoral program that combines faculty-mentored, individualized learning in the student's area of professional interest with a challenging interdisciplinary core curriculum. The focus of the program is on understanding and leading organizational change. (continue)