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Categorizing the Dialogue & Deliberation Community

The following is a working document developed in 2002 to ensure that members of the planning team for the first National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation were aware of the various streams of dialogic and deliberative practice. The 2002 conference was the first major event to bring people together from the entire spectrum of D&D practice, and it was important to us that all of these streams felt welcomed to the conference, and were represented in all aspects of the conference - from the handbook to the break-out sessions. (continue)

Results of Needs Assessment for 2004 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation

As we did for the first NCDD conference, we conducted an online needs assessment to determine what people wanted to see and experience at the 2004 conference, which was held in October in Denver, Colorado. About 120 people from throughout the dialogue and deliberation community honored us by completing the survey, and the results are both interesting and informative. (continue)

Machiko Conway’s Comments at 2006 NCDD Conference (video)

One of the most memorable moments from NCDD's 2006 conference in San Francisco is when Japanese participant Machiko Conway stood up and grounded us with her touching story about what the date - August 6th - means to her and her family. This is a 6-minute video. (continue)

NCDD Commentary: The First Annual Northern CA Dialogue & Deliberation Conference

Katie Howard, then-Manager of the Civic Engagement Initiative of the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center, submitted this commentary for the NCDD website on May 06, 2004 about the first regional NCDD-inspired conference. It begins "In 2002, while sitting at one of many round tables at the 1st Ever National Dialogue and Deliberation Conference, it struck me. 'I have to do this regionally.' The thought buzzed in my head, reemerging each time I thought it had passed.... (continue)

Dialogue Guide and Workbook for “Afraid of the Dark”

Gwendolyn Grant of the Urban League of Greater Kansas City created this dialogue guide and workbook to accompany Jim Myers' groundbreaking book "Afraid of the Dark: What Whites and Blacks Need to Know About Each Other." According to Grant, "Afraid of the Dark defines with such clarity and simplicity so many of the issues that have created this gulf between blacks and whites. It brings to the forefront the stuff that we talk about within our black and white circles, but seldom, if ever across the color line." Grant distributed this 12-page resource during her well-received workshop at the 2006 NCDD conference in San Francisco. (continue)

Results of Needs Assessment for the First National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation

In order to create some clarity about how practitioners could best benefit from a national conference on dialogue and deliberation - and whether or not there is a demand for such a gathering, we designed a needs assessment in early 2002 and invited dialogue facilitators, organizers, researchers and students to complete an online survey. 115 people from throughout the dialogue community honored us by completing the survey, and the results are both interesting and informative. (continue)

Your City/Your Decision: Citizen-Based Budgeting in Menlo Park, CA

This 5-page PowerPoint document was created as a handout for the workshop entitled "Collaborative Governance in Local Government: Choosing Practice Models and Assessing Experience" given by Terry Amsler, Lisa Blomgren Bingham, and Malka Kopell at the 2006 NCDD Conference in San Francisco. The session addressed how civic engagement practitioners can assist local governments in thinking systematically about and choosing among the various forms of civic engagement in public decision-making. Using this and other documents, Kopell described a year-long process to involve the Menlo Park, California community in decisions about a sustainable funding strategy for city-provided services. (continue)

Report from NCDD 2008: Action & Policy Change Challenge

At the 2008 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation, we focused on 5 challenges identified by participants at our past conferences as being vitally important for our field to address. This is one in a series of five posts featuring the final reports from our “challenge leaders.” Action & Change Challenge: Strengthening the relationship between D&D and action and policy change. How can we increase the likelihood that D&D engagement streams of “exploration,” “conflict transformation,” and “collaborative action” will result in community action? How can […] (continue)

Session Materials from NCDD 2008

Please note: We are providing the following material in the format provided to us by the session leader. Most of the materials are MSOffice documents. Materials from the Pre-Conference Trainings Deliberative Democracy and Higher Education: A Workshop on Innovative Democratic Education and Leadership – Practicing What We Preach, presentation by Bruce Mallory [download file] – Venues for Democratic Leadership and Decision Making [download file] – Venues for Teaching and Learning Deliberative Democracy [download file] Materials from the Concurrent Workshops Attracting Conservative Citizens to Dialogue Events: Liberal-Conservative Campus Dialogue & Mormon-Evangelical Interfaith Initiatives – Slide Presentation [download file] […] (continue)