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Guidebook for the 2006 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation

The third NCDD conference (we feel, the best of the three!) took place in San Francisco, California in August 2006. The conference was designed to give us all a better sense of who we are as a community of practice, field, and/or movement, and provide us with a stronger sense of where we should go from here if we want to truly have the impact we believe we could and should have on the world. (continue)

Embedding Dialogue on a University Campus

Many institutions of higher education use dialogue as a communication tool to engage and involve the campus community itself as well as surrounding communities. This workshop at NCDD's 2006 conference focused on how three institutions have begun to integrate and embed the process of dialogue into university life - and here is where you can find all six handouts from this well-received session. (continue)

When the Client is the Problem

This is the handout from the workshop entitled "When the Client is the Problem" given by Susan Christy, PhD, CMC at the 2006 NCDD conference in San Francisco. It includes some great talking points to help you construct how to prepare your client during contracting, how to deliver feedback constructively (How to say, 'You're the problem.'), how to support his/her shifting emotions and understanding, and how to help the client accept responsibility, take action and repair damaged relationships. (continue)

2006 NCDD Conference Guidebook and Videos

This five-minute video shows highlights from and participant comments on the 2006 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation in San Francisco. (continue)

Beyond the Vocal Few: Ideas To Encourage Broader Public Participation In Your Community

This 2-page document was used as a handout for the workshop entitled "Collaborative Governance in Local Government: Choosing Practice Models and Assessing Experience" given by Terry Amsler, Lisa Blomgren Bingham, and Malka Kopell at the 2006 NCDD Conference. The handout offers suggestions for achieving better representation in public involvement and civic engagement efforts that were compiled by the Institute for Local Government's Collaborative Governance Initiative. (continue)

Machiko Conway’s Comments at 2006 NCDD Conference (video)

One of the most memorable moments from NCDD's 2006 conference in San Francisco is when Japanese participant Machiko Conway stood up and grounded us with her touching story about what the date - August 6th - means to her and her family. This is a 6-minute video. (continue)

Assessing Deliberation: Setting the Agenda, Implementing Policy, and Outcomes

This 33-page research report presented at NCDD's 2006 conference examines AmericaSpeaks' 21st Century Town Meeting - one important model for facilitating citizen participation through large scale (100-5,000) dialogue in which citizens come together, listen to each other in a public arena, and make decisions as a collective community. Many researchers ask why there is a gap between scholarship and practice in the field of deliberation; this study responds to the call for empirical testing by examining the AmericaSpeaks model of a 21st Town Meeting. Specifically, this study examines agenda setting, implementation, and outcomes in the context of three different cities where the Town Hall Meetings occurred. (continue)

Witness Circles, Samoan Circles and Inquiry Circles

Lisa Heft distributed this meaty two-page handout during her "showcase" session on these processes at the 2006 NCDD conference in San Francisco. 'Samoan' Circles invite participants to share thoughts on complex and even conflicting issues - without feeling that someone will be solving, arguing or debating what they are sharing - and knowing that what they say will be witnessed by others. Inquiry Circles invite deep, rich thinking through the sharing of richly-textured questions, without any cross-dialogue but instead engaging the group in deep listening and weaving a deeper understanding together. Lisa Heft uses the term 'Witness Circles' as an overarching term for these and other similar methods. (continue)

Dialogue as Pedagogy: Deliberative Learning with Democracy Lab in High School and College Classes

This 10-page document was distributed during Jim Knauer and Paul Alexander's workshop of the same name at the 2006 NCDD Conference in San Francisco. Deliberative dialogue can be used across the curriculum to integrate civic education without sacrificing disciplinary content or traditional learning objectives. The document not only outlines Democracy Lab (an online deliberation program for college students) and where it is headed, it also outlines existing research on dialogic pedagogy, describes William Perry's Scheme of Intellectual and Ethical Development, and explores the relationship between deliberative dialogue and learning. (continue)

Wisdom Council workshop handouts

Here are the five great handouts from "The Wisdom Council: A Tool for Empowering 'We the People'" - facilitated by Jim Rough and Deanna Martin at the 2006 NCDD Conference in San Francisco. (continue)