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Deliberative Organization Development: Multicultural Organization Competence Through Deliberative Dialogue

Organizations and institutional life are conflicted with hostility, discrimination, discord and tension resulting from the inability to be inclusive and respectful of human differences. The critical question is why is it so hard for different types of people to work together and to be productive? The nature of the problem is couched in society's rampant power differential, the stereotypes and the isms of racism, sexism, heterosexism, ageism, and ableism and other identified elements that dominant organization structures. Deliberative Organization Development purports the use of 'deliberative dialogue' groups within organizations. (continue)

ODNet Main Email List

The Organization Development Network (OD Network) sponsors this mailing list to create spaces where Organization Development professionals (new and old) can dialogue with each other about our work, our field, and ourselves. We welcome anyone who would like to engage in conversation about our field, including practitioners, teachers, students, and clients of our work. We particularly welcome people with diverse perspectives on the world and on our work. (continue)

Experiential Learning Exercises In Social Construction: A Field Book for Creating Change

Translating theory into practice is a creative challenge. The Institute for Creative Change has found amazing success in doing this through the performance of experiential learning exercises. This field book presents exercises that have been organized into Learning Labs that will invite innovative thinking and practice with those familiar with social construction theory as well as those who are newcomers to constructionist thinking. Learning Labs are designed to generate new thinking about diverse societal and professional issues. (continue)

Op-Ed by Barnett Pearce for the San Jose Mercury News

This article was written as part of the “Democracy Communications Network,” a 2007-2009 project that encouraged leaders in deliberative democracy to periodically write op-eds and blog posts as part of larger, collaborative media campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of quality public engagement. Use the “Democracy Communications Network” tag to see the articles  written in association with this project. (125-word limit) Two Presidential candidates differ from the rest. Obama and Edwards say that there are really two political systems — one for insiders who can […] (continue)