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Fielding Graduate Institute – School of Human and Organization Development

Fielding's School of Human and Organization Development is a global community of lifelong learning professionals who place a premium on student and faculty interaction through mentoring and dialogue, both face-to-face and online. The program offers distance learning doctoral degrees and online masters degrees. The School of Human & Organization Development currently offers three Continuing Education Certificate programs: the new 16-week Dialogue, Deliberation, and Public Engagement Certificate, the Online Facilitation Certificate, and the Evaluation and Organization Development Certificate. (continue)

Tom Benthin

Tom Benthin is an organizational development consultant, supporting groups, teams and organizations facing tough problems and daunting opportunities. He collaborates with clients in designing and facilitating meetings, retreats and extended change processes which tap the group's wisdom to build sustainable agreements and catalyze change. An accomplished graphic facilitator, Tom is adept at using large format graphics to enhance meeting productivity and group performance. (continue)

The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science

Since 1965, The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science has led and recorded changes in applied behavioral science. JABS continues to tap its interdisciplinary nature to provide complete and balanced coverage of the field's latest developments and advances. Distinguished authors from around the world bring original analyses and views from a variety of disciplines, including: group dynamics, organization development, communication, race and ethnicity, sociology, gender studies and more. (continue)

Op-Ed by Barnett Pearce for the San Jose Mercury News

This article was written as part of the “Democracy Communications Network,” a 2007-2009 project that encouraged leaders in deliberative democracy to periodically write op-eds and blog posts as part of larger, collaborative media campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of quality public engagement. Use the “Democracy Communications Network” tag to see the articles  written in association with this project. (125-word limit) Two Presidential candidates differ from the rest. Obama and Edwards say that there are really two political systems — one for insiders who can […] (continue)