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MIT Center for Civic Media

The MIT Center for Civic Media creates and deploys technical and social tools that fill the information needs of communities. We are inventors of new technologies that support and foster civic media and political action; we are a hub for the study of these technologies; and we coordinate community-based test beds both in the United States and internationally. Bridging two established programs at MIT—one known for inventing alternate technical futures, the other for identifying the cultural and social potential of media change—the Center for Civic […] (continue)

Working the Network: A Manager’s Guide for Using Twitter in Government

This 2012 guide from IBM Center for the Business of Government, on the benefits – and risks – of hosting a government Twitter feed, was written by Ines Mergel. Like many technological tools, Twitter does not come with an instruction manual. To help both government executives who must decide whether Twitter is a useful tool for their organizations and frontline managers who will create and administer the Twitter account, Ines Mergel has written this guide, detailing the benefits – and risks – of hosting a Twitter […] (continue)

The Digital Citizen Project

The Digital Citizen Project of Internews Interactive builds upon the new digital capabilities of television broadcasting and the Internet’s advances in social engagement, to bring an unprecedented degree of citizen participation to news programming for the 2012 election period. The project is premised on the belief that, when offered the chance to appear in media as “informed citizens,” a large number of people will rise to the challenge. (continue)

Engagement Commons

Engagement Commons, currently in beta, is a collaborative, dynamic, and accessible resource that both catalogs technology for civic engagement and highlights stories of real-world success. City officials and civic leaders can leverage the platform to identify, evaluate, and deploy the right apps to engage their communities. Engagement Commons is a project of Code for America and the Knight Foundation. Engagement Commons is a wiki-based, community-built resource. Contribute by adding an app or organization entry, or sharing an engagement-related story. Engagement Commons is part of the […] (continue)


Debategraph is a social enterprise that combines argument visualization with collaborative wiki editing to make the best arguments on all sides of every complex public debate freely available to all, and continuously open to challenge and improvement by all. It was co-founded by Peter Baldwin and David Price, who have been collaborating on Debategraph’s development on opposites sides of the world over the last five years –  and is evolving continuously towards the fulfilment of our long term vision for a new form of public communication. For a […] (continue)

Tele-Town Halls

Tele-Town Hall, LLC ™ is the creator and the leading provider of “telephone town hall” events. Tele-Town Hall™ events are the culmination of our nearly two decades of planning and testing to create an unparalleled breakthrough in LIVE, person-to-person communications. We currently provide thousands of elected officials, political candidates, non-profit organizations, associations, and businesses with one of the most convenient and cost-effective means of mass personal communications. In the past couple of years, tele-town halls have replaced face-to-face town hall meetings for many legislators — […] (continue)


Civic Commons is an effort to assist public agencies in the adoption of open systems and collaborative technologies, and to coordinate the co-creation of these technologies among agencies to ensure interoperability and shareability. Civic Commons provides infrastructure, knowledge, and toolsets to government entities, and encourages the development of shared "civic technologies" and protocols as well as supplies optional technical infrastructure (such as data and project hosting) as needed. (continue)


MeetingWords is a simple group text editing program for the web. There is no fee associated with using MeetingWords, though contributions are encouraged.  You can use MeetingWords right away without any sign-up, and your text is stored on the web so you can access it from any computer. You can also invite other people to type with you (the system will send email invitations, or give you a link to share yourself). Up to 32 people can type on the same document at the same […] (continue)

Pan European eParticipation Network (PEP-NET)

PEP-NET is a European network of all stakeholders active in the field of eParticipation, including public bodies, solution providers and citizen organizations as well as researchers and scientists. We are open to all organizations willing and actively trying to advance eParticipation in Europe. (continue)

GoodNeighbors.net – Mapping Human and Tangible Resources

GoodNeighbors.net is a web-based database free for anyone to use to pool and publish alphabetized lists of resources and track frequency, levels and types of engagement at the grassroots level. It was developed “as an online architecture where individuals and groups function as a whole integrated system at all levels of community.” Cheryl suggests entering NCDD in the Group ID to be interconnected with NCDD members who sign up at GoodNeighbors.net. Resource Link: http://goodneighbors.net/ Submitted by Cheryl Honey of the Family Support Network, International. Cheryl is […] (continue)