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Helping All Students Succeed in a Diverse Society Choicework guide

Sometimes particular groups of students across a district are achieving at lower levels than others. In a society as diverse as ours, how can we best help all children succeed in school? This Citizen ChoiceWork Guide (and video) from Public Agenda examines three approaches: raise expectations, demand excellence of all students, and have higher standards for student achievement; increase parental and community involvement and help students with social problems that distract them from learning; and ensure a safe and respectful learning environment. (continue)

School Disruptions: Tips for Educators and Police

CRS assists communities with crisis management and violence reduction. (continue)

PeaceJam: How Young People Can Make Peace in Their Schools and Communities

Based on the highly acclaimed PeaceJam program?an educational action plan built around the spirit, skills, and wisdom of Nobel Peace Laureates?this is a practical and motivational guide that will inspire a generation of peacemakers. PeaceJam traces the lives of five American teens who, by applying the skills and techniques from the PeaceJam program and developing personal relationships with Nobel Peace Laureates such as the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu, begin to sense their own potential for greatness. (continue)

Montgomery Co Public Schools Study Circles

This 6-minute video highlights the efforts of Montgomery County Public Schools (Maryland) Study Circles Program to address racism and student achievement in the district's schools and community. Includes Spanish subtitles. (continue)

NYEC’s Institutional Racism Project

A guide to assist schools and program staff in facilitating dialogues on institutional racism with young people. (continue)

Is There a Public for Public Schools?

Kettering President David Mathews looks at the fraying relationship between Americans and their public schools. He concludes that it is unlikely that schools will make lasting improvements unless communities change; unless citizens increase their capacity to act as a cohesive group. The book provides direction for individuals and communities concerned about reaffirming the common public purposes their schools should serve. (continue)

School Funding Citizen ChoiceWork Guide

School funding is one of the most controversial issues facing many districts today. Do schools have the funds necessary to do a good job, or are they limited by their budgets? This Citizen ChoiceWork Guide (and video) look at two very different approaches. (continue)

Teaching Tolerance

Founded in 1991 by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Teaching Tolerance provides educators with free educational materials that promote respect for differences and appreciation of diversity in the classroom and beyond. Our magazine and curriculum kits have earned Oscar nominations, an Academy Award, and more than a dozen honors from the Association of Educational Publishers (EdPress) including the Golden Lamp Award. (continue)

Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? And Other Conversations About Race

Anyone who's been to a high school or college has noted how students of the same race seem to stick together. Beverly Daniel Tatum has noticed it too, and she doesn't think it's so bad. As she explains in this provocative book, these students are in the process of establishing and affirming their racial identity. As Tatum sees it, blacks must secure a racial identity free of negative stereotypes. The challenge to whites, on which she expounds, is to give up the privilege that their skin color affords and to work actively to combat injustice in society. (continue)

Kids Working It Out: Stories and Strategies for Making Peace in Our Schools

Kids Working It Out offers educators and parents a guide to the most current and effective school-based conflict resolution programs and shows how these programs can make a positive difference in our schools. Covers a wide range of topics - curriculum integration, peer mediation, restorative justice, and others - and shows what it takes to implement an effective program in any school, and any community. (continue)