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Our RSS feeds allow you to follow NCDD’s news blog, Resource Center, Facebook page and listserv!  Use your feed reader to stay updated on new posts, use our Feedburner feeds to receive posts in your email inbox, or add the feeds to your blog’s sidebar, Facebook page, LinkedIn group, or Twitter feed to help spread the word about dialogue and deliberation!

NCDD’s Community News Blog (our main blog)

One of the longest-running and most comprehensive blogs in our field, NCDD bloggers have been posting on NCDD’s news blog (at www.ncdd.org/news) for over 7 years about funding and job opportunities, events and trainings, cutting-edge ideas, and more.

Recommended RSS feed to use: http://feeds.feedburner.com/NCDD-newsblog
Official RSS feed: https://ncdd.org/news/feed/rss
Feedburner emails: www.tinyurl.com/NCDD-feedburner

NCDD Resource Center

Nearly 3,000 resources are featured in the NCDD Resource Center (at www.ncdd.org/rc)… dialogue guides, D&D methods, videos, case studies, evaluation tools, articles, books, programs and more.  Includes our must-see beginner’s guide, D&D glossary and Resource Guide on Public Engagement.

See list of latest posts at: www.ncdd.org/rc/resources
Recommended RSS feed to use: http://feeds.feedburner.com/NCDD-ResourceCenter
Official RSS feed: https://ncdd.org/rc/feed/rss
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NCDD’s Facebook page

NCDD uses its Facebook page (at www.facebook.com/ncddpage) to follow over 50 of our members’ blogs focused on public engagement, conflict resolution, community problem-solving and online engagement.  New posts in the NCDD Community News blog and Resource Center are also shared automagically on the NCDD page’s wall.

Keeping an eye on our Facebook page means you’re staying on top of news, happenings, and opinions across our field.

Official RSS feed: http://www.facebook.com/feeds/page.php?id=148651608518075&format=rss20
NCDD Twitter feed: www.twitter.com/ncdd (where we automagically post everything from the FB page)

The NCDD Discussion List

If you are subscribed to our main listserv, the NCDD Discussion list, you can also use your RSS feed reader to follow new listserv posts. The link for the list’s RSS feed is http://lists.thataway.org/scripts/wa-THATAWAY.exe?RSS&L=NCDD-DISCUSSION&v=1.0

Also see our social media page at www.ncdd.org/social for links to NCDD on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and more.