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By “civic infrastructure,” we’re talking about the underlying systems and structures that enable people to come together to address their challenges effectively. NCDDers show people there is another way to make decisions, solve problems, and resolve conflicts. Civic infrastructure is what’s needed in our communities, in our nation, and across the globe, in order for these practices to become simply the way things are done.

Is “Bowling Alone” Still Relevant?

This post is shared from the blog of supporting NCDD supporting member and professor of Citizenship & Public Affairs in Boston, Dr. Peter Levine. Peter recently wrote a reflection on the debate inspired by the now classic Robert Putnam work Bowling Alone, and whether or not it is still relevant after nearly 20 years. We encourage you to read Peter’s thoughts below or find the original post at www.peterlevine.ws/?p=13329. Bowling Alone after (almost) 20 years Robert Putnam published “Bowling Alone” in the Journal of Democracy, vol. 6, no. 1, January 1995. By September […] (continue)

Betty Knighton Interview from Kettering

Our friends at the Kettering Foundation, a long-time NCDD organizational member, recently shared a great interview on their blog with Betty Knighton (also a member) that we found to be quite insightful. Betty is an accomplished public engagement professional in W. Virginia whose experience we can all learn from, so we encourage you to read the interview below, or find the original post at www.kettering.org/kfnews/betty-knighton. You can learn a lot about an organization by who they learn from. One of the folks Kettering has learned the most […] (continue)

New Step for Harwood’s Public Innovators Initiative

We are pleased to share the announcement below about an exciting and ambitious initiative being undertaken by Rich Harwood and the Harwood Institute, an NCDD organizational member. The Harwood Institute is setting bold goals for its Public Innovators program, which you can read about below or in the original post here. We are also excited to share that NCDD is in talks with Harwood to develop a partnership between our two organizations and networks which we hope will further advance all of our work. Stay tuned for […] (continue)

2014 Public Participation Interview: Lessons from Hollywood

We recently started reading a terrific interview series from the talented team at Collaborative Services on public participation lessons they have learned in the last year, and we wanted to share their insights with the NCDD community. The second interview in the series features the reflections of Corri Planck of West Hollywood’s Social Services Division, who talks about the award-winning engagement project the Division ran in 2013. You can read the interview below, or find the original on Collaborative Services’ blog by clicking here. Taking the Study to the People: Successful […] (continue)

Earning Trust in Public Institutions

We recently read an interesting post on the inCommon blog run by our partners at the Davenport Institute – an NCDD organizational member – about trust’s relationship to engagement. You can read the post below or find the original here, and we also recommend you take a look at the study on trust the post refers to. The Rand Europe Spotlight on 2013 is a bit broad, but the theme, “Building Trust in Policymaking,” is certainly relevant to civic engagement: The relationship between citizens and public bodies […] (continue)

A Look Inside an NDN Conversation

Our friends at the Interactivity Foundation recently published reflections from Dennis Boyer on his experience convening a conversation on poverty as part of the National Dialogue Network – one of the winners of the 2012 NCDD Catalyst Awards. We thought it was a great look inside the NDN process and wanted to share it with you. You can read the full article below or find the original on the IF blog by clicking here. The National Dialogue Network (NDN) spent over a year planning and organizing the initial […] (continue)

Liquid vs. Direct vs. Representative Democracy

When we say “democracy”, it can evoke many different meanings and ideas for the average person – even some that contradict each other. But that is because there are many different ways to imagine and configure democratic infrastructures, all of which have their own pros and cons. That is why we were intrigued by a short post we found from a great U.K.-based organization called Democracy Society that offered a delineation of three different kinds of democratic process – direct democracy, representative democracy, and “liquid […] (continue)

The National Dialogue Network Begins Its Public Analysis Phase

We are pleased to highlight the post below, which came from NCDD Sustaining Member and 2012 NCDD Catalyst Award winner John Spady of the National Dialogue Network. Do you have news you want to share with the NCDD network? Just click here to submit your news post for the NCDD Blog! Hello to all our NCDD friends, The National Dialogue Network (NDN) — recipient of the 2012 NCDD Catalyst Award in “Civic Infrastructure” — has entered “Cycle 4” of its original 5-cycle process to design and demonstrate a system […] (continue)

Peter Levine on Making Public Participation Legal

This post is shared from the blog of supporting NCDD member and professor of Citizenship & Public Affairs in Boston, Dr. Peter Levine. Peter shares a humorous take on the not-so-funny state of public meetings, and highlights the NCDD-supported Making Participation Legal report. For more info about this important intitiative and how it was created, check out our write up on its release. Making Public Participation Legal This is pretty much how “public participation” looks when it takes the form of a meeting with officials at the head of the […] (continue)

Amanda Kathryn Roman’s Interview from NCDD Seattle

At the 2012 NCDD national conference in Seattle, NCDD member and filmmaker Jeffrey Abelson sat down with over a dozen leaders in our community to ask them about their work and their hopes and concerns for our field and for democratic governance in our country. Today we’re featuring an interview with Amanda Kathryn Roman, co-creator of Living Room Conversations.  Amanda embraced public engagement at the age of 12 when she began doing community organizing and has been involved in many forms of bridge-building or transpartisan […] (continue)