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London, UK Conversation Café

John McDonnell, MP, ministry for peace invites you to participate in a Conversation Café on the theme: How do we transform political violence into constructive cooperation? May 7th 2008, 7 – 9.00, Room E, 7 Millbank, SW1 (NB 7 Millbank is located on St. Margaret’s Street – past the Houses of Parliament towards Tate Britain. 7 Millbank is on the right, just after Great Peter Street.). Hosted by Trish Dickinson, who introduced the café movement to this side to the UK five ago and integrates […] (continue)

Conversation Week is Less Than One Week Away!

Leif Utne asked me to share this announcement with the D&D community from the Conversation Week Team… Hey all you world-changing conversationalists. Conversation Week begins in just 6 days! A few quick items we want to draw your attention to: 1. Find a Conversation: We have over 80 CW dialogues listed on the Conversation Cafe website so far, from Australia to Alberta, Los Angeles to Lithuania. Find one here (and share this link with your friends). 2. Host Your Own: There’s still time to host […] (continue)

Submit Your "Juicy" Questions for Conversation Week 2008

NCDD members Susan Partnow and Vicki Robin at Conversation Cafe are spearheading the 2nd annual Conversation Week, which is coming up March 24th through 30th. They would love some input from the NCDD community on what you think are the juiciest questions-of-the-moment… (continue)

Inspiring your Local PBS Channel to Host Dialogues – Do Try This at Home!

How’s this for initiative? Jacquelyn Pogue, a member of the D&D community based in Richmond, Virginia, noticed that her local PBS channel was about to air a nationwide series called “America at a Crossroads” for 6 consecutive evenings at 2 hours each and thought “What a great theme for a Conversation Cafe group!” She then called her local PBS station (she was already friendly with several staff there) and requested a meeting to propose that a community conversation about this series. They really loved the […] (continue)

Become a Host for Conversation Week Today!

[Video intro at www.ConversationWeek.org] Conversation Week 2007 is planned for March 25-31 and will celebrate the power of conversation and the fifth anniversary of Conversation Cafe. By March 5, we hope to have over 200 registered hosts who are willing to coordinate a small group discussion in their local community at a convenient time that week. All hosts will receive training in Conversation Cafe, OrangeBands, and various other resources to make their discussion a success. Conversation Week is being organized by The OrangeBand Initiative, Conversation […] (continue)

First-Ever "Conversation Week" to Launch in March

Our friends at OrangeBand, Conversation Café and dropping knowledge (with help from Skype) are hosting a global Conversation Week at the end of March, celebrating the power of conversation to change the world and the fifth anniversary of the launch of the Conversation Cafes. I encourage you to participate during that week as Conversation Cafe hosts or guests.  Click on “more” for a message from the organizers for members of the NCDD community. (continue)

Compassionate Listening Workshop Coming Up in Toronto

Susan Partnow will be in Toronto to present “The Fundamentals of Compassion Listening” on April 27. In Compassionate Listening, the emphasis is on strengthening the influence of the heart through cultivating compassion for ourselves and others, and learning to listen and speak from the heart — even in the heat of conflict. Susan is a consultant in Seattle Washington. She serves on the Steering Committee of National Coalition on Dialogue and Deliberation, Advisory Board to The Radical Middle Newsletter (a project of the Center for […] (continue)

Vicki Robin to Host Workshop on Freedom in America

Vicki Robin, inventor of the Conversation Cafe and co-author of Your Money or Your Life, will be hosting a weekend retreat titled “If This is a Free Country, Why Don’t I Feel Free?” The workshop will draw on all of Vicki’s core teachings to address questions like, What is freedom for? What are limits for? When I’m tied up in knots, how do I cut through? When I lose my sense of freedom, how do I get it back? Can I feel free sexually and […] (continue)

Update from Let's Talk America

I wanted to post today’s Let’s Talk America update since I haven’t posted anything about LTA in a while. LTA is still going strong, and I encourage those of you who haven’t yet gotten involved to participate in the March 16th or April 9th phone trainings for hosts. (continue)

July 15 Update from Let's Talk America

Let’s Talk America – a collaborative project of NCDD, Utne Institute, and Conversation Cafe – is bringing people across the U.S. together to talk about what democracy means to them. Read today’s LTA update below to learn about training opportunities for hosts, upcoming LTA events, and about dialogues held on Independence Day. (continue)