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Here we share some of the most important news for the dialogue and deliberation community that crosses our desks. For even more news and updates, check out NCDD’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ncddpage, where over 50 of our members’ blogs are followed.

Living Room Conversations in Action

NCDD member Joan Blades, co-founder of the dialogue program Living Room Conversations, as well as the immensely popular MoveOn.org, contacted us this week about a recent gathering of folks on both sides of the political divide, exemplifying the central goal of Living Room Conversations, bringing people together from both sides of the aisle to talk civilly about hot button issues. Although the gathering included a journalist to help publicize both Living Room Dialogues and the need to encourage conversations to bridge the political divide in […] (continue)

Omidyar’s Democracy Fund launches new website

Joe Goldman emailed me the other day with an update on the Democracy Fund (which Joe directs).  Joe is a Sustaining Member of NCDD, and his work at the Democracy Fund is definitely worth noting. From Joe… As someone who shares an interest in the health of our democracy, I wanted to let you know that we’ve just launched the Democracy Fund’s new website: www.democracyfund.org In a blog post released today, Pierre Omidyar outlined the focus of the Democracy Fund’s work and the thinking behind its […] (continue)

Next steps on NCDD’s response to Newtown shooting

On December 17th (three days after the Newtown tragedy), NCDD launched a collaborative workspace on Hackpad to help the dialogue and deliberation community think through how we might respond — both individually and collectively — to the shooting and all it surfaced. There has been a lot of activity on the Hackpad site at www.bit.ly/natdial, and I’ve been really impressed with the input and exchange that’s been going on.  We have pages there dedicated to sharing resources people can put to use immediately, debating about what […] (continue)

Certificate Program in DDPE launching this spring at KSU

NCDD is proud to join our friends at Kansas State University in announcing that KSU is the new home for the much-touted certificate program in Dialogue, Deliberation, and Public Engagement (DDPE). As we announced at the 2012 NCDD conference in Seattle, NCDD is the “Core Collaborator” for the DDPE program. Our supporting members receive a 10% discount on tuition, and NCDD resources will be featured in the curriculum. The Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy at KSU is offering the award winning graduate level DDPE Collaborative […] (continue)

NCDD Year in Review — and Request for Support!

This has been quite the year, for NCDD and all of us.  Our tiny staff (me, Andy and Joy) and our amazing Board and volunteers do the best we can to support the dialogue and deliberation community.  As always, we need your support to keep this work going – so please think us in your end-of-year gifts. I was just looking over our blog posts over the past year to get a good sense of what 2012 has been about for NCDD. As we close […] (continue)

How should the D&D community respond to the crisis in Newtown?

In collaboration with Newtown, Connecticut resident and NCDD member Ben Roberts, NCDD has created a space on Hackpad where we can talk about last Friday’s tragedy and how our community might respond. Our community is buzzing with conversation (and opinion!) about what WE can do in light of this crisis… Can we offer facilitation support to organizations in Newtown? Can we organize a national dialogue on issues that have emerged from this crisis? — and what are the right issues to engage people around?  (Gun […] (continue)

Sheriff at NCDD Seattle discussing the need for dialogue on mental illness and access to firearms (video)

NCDD member John Spady (Community Forums Network) just sent this to the NCDD Discussion list, where we’ve been discussing how we might respond as a community to Friday’s tragedy in Newtown… During our recent NCDD 2012 conference in Seattle, I had the honor to host (then) Sheriff Steve Strachan at my session. He touched on the subject of unmanaged mental illness and the access to firearms. Sheriff Strachan then gave a courageous call for rational dialogue on a problem we keep experiencing over and over […] (continue)

Boing Boing article argues that science tells us that dialogue is needed – not gun control

I came across a very interesting article today on Boing Boing (one of the most popular blogs on the web) that is noteworthy for people in the NCDD community. Science editor Maggie Koerth-Baker’s thoughtful piece overviewed her findings when she looked into “what the science says” about the questions that are on many of our minds today in light of the horrific shooting in Newtown: Does gun control mean fewer guns on the street and less violence? Does encouraging gun ownership mean better protected people and […] (continue)

Listen in to the Redesigning Democracy Summit tonight and tomorrow

Here’s a note from Joan Blades, who’s going to be joining me and several dozen others in Raleigh later today for an exciting summit.  Joan is co-founder of MoveOn.org and co-founder of Living Room Conversations. Today and tomorrow I’m going to be at the Redesigning Democracy Summit in NC with a remarkable group of leaders in the field of dialogue as well as a few folks that some people might not necessarily expect.  I’ll have the opportunity to present Living Room Conversations as a process […] (continue)

Developing Citizen Leaders with the Emerging Issues Commons

This post was submitted by John Coggin of NC State University via the Add to Blog form… The Institute for Emerging Issues (IEI) at NC State University is concerned with the future vitality of North Carolina. IEI deliberately and directly connects interested citizens in business, government, education, and the non-profit sector to problem solve emerging issues that lie along the convergence of four key areas: Education, Health, Economy, and Environments (Natural and Built). Our goal is to bring focus to the state’s complex public challenges, […] (continue)