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We use the “gems” tag to identify blog posts that are extraordinary in some way. Some have garnered a lot of interesting comments, and others are especially useful or informative posts.

From Brad Rourke’s Blog… Learning To Theme

NCDD member Brad Rourke had an especially interesting post on his blog the other day on the importance of cultivating the skill of “theming.” He makes the point that few organizations attempt to teach this skill, and he includes an exercise to help people experiment with theming.  Here’s part of his post: “One of the most important skills in working with the public is, I believe, one of the most often overlooked. People whose work is public facing — community benefit organization leaders, public agency […] (continue)

NCDD Townhall Article Re-Posted Around the Net

Below are some of the places where my recent article, Upgrading the Way We Do Politics, was posted.  The article, which was featured on the Yes! Magazine website, was picked up by The Media Consortium, a network of the country’s leading independent journalism organizations. I believe that’s what led to the article being posted and linked to on so many sites. On CommonDreams.org at www.commondreams.org/view/2009/08/26-1 On People & Place at www.peopleandplace.net/on_the_wire/2009/8/23/sandy_heierbacher_upgrading_the_way_we_do_politics__ncdd On the Everyday Democracy website at www.everyday-democracy.org/en/Article.1032.aspx On Energy Bulletin at www.energybulletin.net/node/49947 (this was […] (continue)

Members of the D&D Community Respond to Health Care Town Halls on Blogs, Radio Programs & More

Here is a compilation of some of the best thinking and writing that has come out of our field in the past couple of weeks in response to the volatile town hall meetings on health care being held across the country. Please add a comment if you notice we’ve missed something important! Upgrading the Way We Do Politics: Article by Sandy Heierbacher Based on many of the items listed below (especially the recent conversation on this topic on the NCDD listserv), NCDD has put together […] (continue)

Expanding "Public Participation" in Hard Times

Here is a must-read article by NCDD member Tom Atlee, founder of The Co-Intelligence Institute. The piece outlines an expanded vision of “public participation” that Atlee feels is vital in this time of economic crisis and seemingly unsolvable local and global problems. The article is aligned with some of the things I’ve been thinking about and working on lately, one of them being the Goals of Dialogue & Deliberation graphic I created recently based on Martin Carcasson‘s work. (See my article on the new graphic […] (continue)

New Framework for Understanding the Goals of Public Engagement

In a new occasional paper published by Public Agenda’s Center for Advances in Public Engagement (CAPE), NCDD member Martin Carcasson of Colorado State University’s Center for Public Deliberation outlines three broad categories of goals for deliberation. The essay explores how a clearer understanding of the goals and purposes we are trying to achieve through public engagement can sharpen our methods and increase our impacts. It offers a practical framework to help practitioners systematically consider both their short-term and long-term goals and the strategies that will […] (continue)

Obama, Public Engagement, and the D&D Community… An (Extraordinary) Half-Year in Review

With the transition to a new presidential administration that focused its campaign on getting people involved in government, 2009 has been a whirlwind year of unprecedented opportunity and possibility for the dialogue and deliberation community and all those working in public engagement.  Below is an outline/timeline of what’s happened so far this year that’s relevant to our community of practice. On his first day in office, U.S. President Barack Obama issued a memorandum to leaders of executive departments and government agencies calling for a new […] (continue)

Update on PEP Project & What You Can Do Now

As many of you know, NCDD has been hosting a collaborative online conversation aimed at developing a set of Core Principles for Public Engagement that most people and organizations in this field can get behind. We’ve been working on this as transparently as possible at www.thataway.org/2009/pep_project/ and many of you have participated. I’ve found it to be a fascinating, fun, and challenging process — but it’s not over yet. (Update:  all PEP info can now be found at www.ncdd.org/pep). We are doing this, in part, […] (continue)

Summary of Listening Session with Obama’s Open Government Initiative

I was invited by Beth Noveck, the director of Obama’s open government initiative, to attend a meeting last Wednesday (March 11) at the White House Conference Center.  The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy was the official convener of this “informal listening session on the implementation of the President’s Memorandum on Transparency and Open Government.”  According to the email inviting me to attend, the session would focus “on the process of crafting the recommendations called for in the Memorandum.   Specifically, we invite you […] (continue)

Obama Memorandum Calls for Public Engagement and Collaboration

On his first full day on the job (January 21st), President Obama signed two Executive Orders and three Presidential Memoranda. One of his memoranda (below) gives me hope that NCDDers’ work will soon become not the exception but the norm in this country. Given this incredible window of opportunity, it is my hope that we can work together to make sure this Open Government Directive includes the important work represented by the dialogue and deliberation community. Click “more” to see the full memo… (continue)

The Challenge Process at NCDD Austin

At the first three NCDD conferences, we used a multi-tiered process to encourage participants to think about what needs to be done to move this “field” or community of practice forward.  What are we not doing as well as we could be or should be doing?  What vital questions do we seem not to have sufficient answers to?  What are our greatest barriers to doing this work effectively? At NCDD 2008, we focused in on 5 of the most pressing and challenging issues our field […] (continue)