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Joint Learning Agreement (part of old Kettering Foundation funding tracking)

What Does the Kettering Foundation Do?

Ever wonder that? If you haven’t had the opportunity to work directly with the organization, take part in their national conversations or utilized the enormous amount of knowledge they have shared, you just might be asking the very same question. The Kettering Foundation is offering an answer in their latest publication What Does the Kettering Foundation Do?, now available on their website.  From the booklet’s description… This booklet provides a brief introduction to the Kettering Foundation and its research, the main focus of which is […] (continue)

Looking Forward with Kettering / NIF’s “National Debt” Conversation

Last month, Kettering Foundation president David Matthews reached out to the National Issues Forums community urging them to continue the conversation about last year’s featured issue, the National Debt, in support of the eventual report to national officials. Outlined in the corresponding issue guide, A Nation in Debt: How Can We Pay the Bills? (available here), the initiative encouraged conversations across the country throughout 2011 and 2012. But more are needed, and the Kettering Foundation is asking for some help. Let’s start with an overview of the […] (continue)

Book Club Week 3: An Aristotelian Understanding of Political Deliberation

This post is part of NCDD Book Club series on Democratizing Deliberation published by the Kettering Foundation last month.  In this post, we discuss Bernard Yack’s chapter about Aristotle’s understanding of political deliberation and how it compares to the views of today’s deliberative democracy advocates. The authors of this blog post are Sarah Read of The Communications Center, Inc. and Lucas Cioffi of OnlineTownhalls. We had different reactions when we first started reading this chapter. Sarah, who enjoys philosophy, thought it was an affirming and deeply […] (continue)

Book Club Week 2: Three Models of Democratic Deliberation

Below is the chapter summary by Juli Fellows of Noelle McAfee’s chapter of our summer book club book, Democratizing Deliberation. Read over the summary and add your own reflections and questions below — and check out last week’s great discussion here if you missed it. Hi, everyone!  This is Juli Fellows, from Austin.  I’m an independent facilitator and mediator who’s been an NCDD member for five or six years.  I was on the 2008 NCDD conference team and also the planning group for the 2010 […] (continue)

Book Club Launch: Summary of Foreward & Intro from Martin Carcasson

Hello all, and welcome to the first NCDD book club. My name is Martín Carcasson, and I’m a communication studies professor at Colorado State University and the director of the CSU Center for Public Deliberation (CPD), which I founded in 2006 to serve as an impartial resource to the northern Colorado community and provide capacity for a wide variety of deliberative events. I’ve been asked to start us off in the discussion of the new book Democratizing Deliberation by summarizing the Foreword by Kettering President David […] (continue)

Great new video from the West Virginia Center for Civic Life

Take a moment to enjoy this wonderful 8-minute video created by the West Virginia Center for Civic Life (an NCDD organizational member, directed by the amazing Betty Knighton).  They did a beautiful job capturing the importance and promise of dialogue and deliberation. You may want to use this video to promote your own public engagement work.  You can access the video at YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFckX5rUi9I. The West Virginia Center for Civic Life is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that helps engage citizens in community discussions of important […] (continue)

Webinar on convening forums at your library happening today at 4pm EST

Today at 4pm Eastern, the American Library Association’s Center for Civic Life is holding a one-hour webinar on the nuts and bolts of convening deliberative forums at your library. Learn more here and register at this link if you’re interested. The session will cover the logistics and choices involved in planning to hold a forum—choosing the issue topic; setting the date; preparing the room and equipment; publicity; assigning moderators and recorders; participant registration; following up after the forum; and preparing issue-related resources for forum participants. (continue)

Free copy of Democratizing Deliberation for all Book Club members!

Here’s one more reason to sign up for NCDD’s first online book club…  the Kettering Foundation wants to send a free copy of Democratizing Deliberation to all book club members! Sign up at www.ncdd.org/community/bookclub1-signup today if you haven’t already. Democratizing Deliberation: A Political Theory Anthology presents cutting-edge political theory on deliberative democracy. Edited by Derek Barker, Noelle McAfee, and David McIvor, the collection reframes deliberative democracy to be sensitive to the deep conflicts, multiple forms of communication, and aspirations for civic agency that characterize real public deliberation. In […] (continue)

Call for chapter leaders & participants for NCDD’s first Book Club!

May 8th update from NCDD:  Kettering has agreed to send out free copies of the book to people who join the book club!  Another reason to sign up today. I’m really excited about a book that’s about to be published by the Kettering Foundation, called Democratizing Deliberation: A Political Theory Anthology.  The book brings together recent and cutting-edge political theory scholarship on deliberative democracy. We’re going to be working with Kettering to engage NCDDers around the book’s content, and right now I’m calling for chapter leaders […] (continue)

Democratizing Deliberation: pre-order this must-have book today

I’m really excited about a book that’s about to be published by the Kettering Foundation, called Democratizing Deliberation.  We’re going to be working with Kettering to engage NCDDers around the book’s content, because we feel the book covers topics of great import to our field.  It’s always challenging for practitioners to find the time to stay on top of research in the field, so we’re going to be running NCDD’s first-ever online book club to help bridge that ever-challenging research-practice gap — and hopefully have fun doing […] (continue)