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Joint Learning Agreement (part of old Kettering Foundation funding tracking)

Deadline Extended for NIF Conversation on National Debt

The National Issues Forums has announced an extension to the deadline for reporting on local dialogue & deliberative forums on their current, featured issue, the National Debt.  Interested groups can participate in the conversation, adding their voices to the eventual report, by contacting an NIF regional coordinator.  From their announcement… The Congressional Super Committee did not resolve the debt issue, and we believe it will not be resolved any time soon. The national debt is going to be with us for a long time and is […] (continue)

NIF Outlines National Debt in New Video

The National Debt is an issue that’s tricky to get your head around.  The numbers are so large and the issues it impacts so many that often it’s difficult to cultivate a personal opinion based on fact, let alone engage in dialogue on the subject.  The National Issues Forums and the Kettering Foundation are endeavoring to help with this, encouraging dialogue on the topic in association with an issue guide (A Nation in Debt: How Can We Pay the Bills?) released earlier this year. Along […] (continue)

NIF Takes on National Debt with New Issue Guide

The National Issues Forums has released a new issue guide focused on the National Debt entitled A Nation in Debt: How Can We Pay the Bills?  This 12-page issue guide presents an overview of the problem and offers three options for deliberation: “agree to make sacrifices now”, “strengthen checks and balances” and “invest in growth first”.  From the guide’s introduction… How Can We Pay the Bills? It’s become apparent to many Americans that if we do not act decisively on the nation’s debt soon, our […] (continue)

Contribute to a national conversation on economic security

The following was posted on the National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI) website here, but I know they would like to see many people from the broader dialogue and deliberation community get involved! Read about taking part in an NIF national conversation about Economic Security: The Kettering Foundation, in partnership with the National Issues Forums Institute, is seeking innovative ways to communicate the results of forums to policy makers.  Those of you who convene and moderate forums recognize how valuable they can be to participants and […] (continue)