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News and opportunities on one of NCDD’s key partners — the Kettering Foundation. KF is a nonprofit operating foundation rooted in the American tradition of cooperative research. Kettering’s primary research question is “What does it take to make democracy work as it should?”

Kettering’s David Holwerth on the Question “What is a Citizen?”

Our partners at the Kettering Foundation recently posted about a write-up on their own David Holwerk’s talk at Rhodes University in South Africa on how journalists talk about citizens.  His remarks focused on the question, “What is a citizen?“, and how the answer is related to the role of the press in a democracy. In the U.S. Constitution, the role of the press is given explicit protections, ostensibly because a free press that can cover whatever it wants is an integral part of a well-functioning […] (continue)

The Newest NIF Issue Guide: Bridging and Bonding

We encourage you to take a few moments to find out more about the latest issue guide from the National Issues Forum Institute. The new guide, titled “Bridging and Bonding: How Can We Create Engaged Communities in a Time of Rapid Change?”, is a collaborative effort between the General Federation of Women’s Clubs and the Kettering Foundation that is designed to help guide conversations about creating better connected and integrated neighborhoods, towns, and communities despite contemporary challenges and shifting divisions. This excerpt from the introduction […] (continue)

Kettering Resident Journalist Reflects on Press & Democracy

The Kettering Foundation recently shared an interview with Duran Angiki, an indigenous journalist from the Solomon Islands who just finished his six-month residency with KF who faced persecution from his government for his role in exposing corruption as a citizen journalist. In his interview, he shares details of his own harrowing story, discusses the role of journalists and the press in advancing democracy, and reflects on how that role is changing. We’ve shared a few choice excerpts from the interview below, but you can read […] (continue)

Study on Effects of Partisan Polarization

Our friends at the Kettering Foundation recently posted about a paper on the seriousness of the challenge posed by political polarization.  You can read the post below or find the original post on the KF News blog here: www.kettering.org/kfnews/do-partisan-elites-polarize-the-public. Is polarization an elite or public phenomenon, or is it, indeed, both? KF research associate David McIvor recently analyzed a paper in the American Political Science Review that asks whether partisan-polarized environments can affect how citizens come to judge public issues. The study finds that polarized partisan environments do “fundamentally change” how […] (continue)

Roundup of News from the Kettering Foundation

NCDD has been working closely with the Kettering Foundation recently, including playing a role in this past week’s Public Voice 2013, and we wanted to share more of what Kettering has been up to over the past few months… A Public Voice 2013: Framing the Public Deliberation on Budget Issues On June 5, Washington policymakers and representatives from the deliberative democracy network will meet at the National Press Club for a working meeting. Do Partisan Elites Polarize the Public? KF research associate David McIvor recently […] (continue)

Launching the Dialogue Storytelling Tool

I’m excited to launch a new tool on the NCDD website to help you share your success stories more broadly The draft tool can be found at www.ncdd.org/storytelling-tool and I encourage everybody to take a look and give the tool a test drive by entering one of your dialogue and deliberation projects! For a long time now, NCDD has wanted to find a way to collect more stories from our members about their dialogue and deliberation projects.  We’re working with both the Kettering Foundation and Participedia.net to broaden […] (continue)

Kettering to Develop Deliberative Forums in Israel

We hope you’ll join us in congratulating our friends at the Kettering Foundation on their new opportunity to develop deliberative decision-making forums for Israeli Jews and Arabs in Israel. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the most difficult problems of dialogue and bridge building in the world, and we are excited to see the Kettering Foundation’s deliberative model being applied, and are hopeful that it will bring about positive change for the people of Israel and Palestine.  Read more about the new project below or […] (continue)

Kettering/Public Agenda report cited in Washington Post

We are pleased to note that the work of our friends at the Kettering Foundation and Public Agenda contributed to the national education conversation when it was cited in the Washington Post recently. Here are Kettering’s remarks on the Post article. With several major cities closing large numbers of neighborhood schools as part of their reform efforts, the Washington Post’s education blogger, Valerie Strauss, took a look at recent studies analyzing how much money is actually saved to be reinvested in other, more successful schools. The answer is, Strauss […] (continue)

An invitation to an online deliberative forum

You are invited to join “A Nation in Debt,” an online deliberative forum beginning on Monday, April 8, and continuing through April 20. The site will be open to participants continuously during that period, but you must register by Monday, April 8, at 4 pm. How does the national debt affect individuals, businesses, and communities? Together we will consider the impact of the national debt and explore three possible options for addressing this issue, and work to find common ground. The forum adapts A Nation in […] (continue)

Prison Inmates Deliberate about “Life and Death Decisions”

The following was found on the news page of the National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI.org/news). The post, authored by William DiMascio, director of the Pennsylvania Prison Society, describes a moderator training and NIF forums held at the State Correctional Institute at Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. On Wednesday and Thursday, February 27-28, we held what used to be called a Public Policy Institute (PPI) training at the State Correctional Institute at Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. We trained eight life sentenced prisoners and eight outside guests (a professor and students from Juniata College […] (continue)