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This tag is used to help NCDD members identify the opportunities associated with their membership, like discounts on trainings we’ve negotiated with our partners.

Launching NCDD’s fall membership drive!

NCDD provides a vital national gathering place for more than 1,500 organizations and individuals who are leading a renaissance of civic engagement in the U.S. For almost a decade, NCDD has developed and maintained a critical infrastructure for you — the agents of democratic change. Membership dues are vital for ensuring that NCDD can continue to support the innovators who are working to bring people of all stripes together to discuss, decide and act together on today’s toughest issues. Yet well over half of our […] (continue)

Public Conversation Project presents their Fall workshops

The Public Conversations Project’s unique, experiential workshops equip people from all fields with knowledge, skills and tools for preventing and transforming deep conflict. This fall, we are offering five workshops in different locales around the nation, each at an affordable cost. Whether you’re experiencing this approach for the first time or adding to your skill set as a seasoned professional, our workshops offer powerful learning opportunities. http://www.publicconversations.org/fall-2011-workshops (continue)

PCRC Facilitation Training Aug 18 & 19 in San Mateo, CA

The Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center (PCRC) will be offering our a Facilitation Training Thursday and Friday, August 18 and 19 in San Mateo, CA. The Training teaches people the building blocks of delivering an effective meeting. This 2 day training highlights agenda development, managing difficult behaviors, tips on how to ensure group engagement, as well as how to identify stakeholders and get them to the table. (continue)

What we’re up to on Facebook

Did you know that the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation has both a group and a page on Facebook, and that they serve very different purposes?  I resisted creating an NCDD fan page for some time, since we already had an active, popular group going.  But since Facebook made lots of changes to the functionality of groups, we started up a page that’s now providing quite a valuable service to our field. I hope you decide to join both (well, join the group and […] (continue)

Audio for NCDD Confab with Susanna Haas Lyons

We had close to 40 people join us on our June 29th Confab call with Susanna Haas Lyons.  Andy had added a link to the audio to the original blog posts about the call, but I wanted to add a new post that shows up in RSS feeds, on Facebook, etc. in case this helps people who missed the call locate the audio and google doc. I really enjoyed the call, and was fascinated by the project Susanna has been running on Facebook in partnership […] (continue)

Quick Links for Today’s Confab Call

Update: Thanks to everyone able to join us today, with a special thank you to Susanna for sharing details about her project! Links to both the audio from the call, and the cooperative Google doc worked on during the call, can be found below. It was a really great call and we were happy that so many people could join us. Look for news about our next Confab Call soon. Blog post with more details on today’s Confab with NCDD member Susanna Haas Lyons: www.ncdd.org/5200 […] (continue)

NCDD Confab call on 6/29 featuring Susanna Haas Lyons

Update: Thanks goes out to all the 40 participants that joined us for today’s call, with a special thanks to Susanna for sharing details of her program. You can find out more about the call here, including the working document we assembled during the call and the confab’s audio. — Join us on Wednesday, June 29th from 2:00 to 3:00 EST for an NCDD Confab call with Susanna Haas Lyons.  Susanna will be sharing some of her learnings and observations from an interesting Facebook app-based […] (continue)

How can we improve the NCDD Discussion list?

Though NCDD runs a variety of email discussion lists for people who share interests or live in specific regions, our most active listserv by far is the main NCDD Discussion list. The list currently has 1170 subscribers, and people use the list to share news and opportunities in the field, to connect with new people who do D&D work, to get advice quickly, and to discuss issues in our field. Some weeks, the listserv sees just two or three messages, while other weeks see dozens […] (continue)

Submit posts directly to the NCDD blog!

NCDD members are encouraged to test out a new feature on the NCDD Community News blog. As part of our continued efforts to make NCDD as self-organized and member-driven as possible, we have created a form on the newly revamped NCDD blog that allows you to submit posts directly to the NCDD blog for review and approval. (continue)

10% NCDD discount for Summer Skills Enrichment Institute

The Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution at the UT School of Law is offering a 10% discount to all NCDD members who are interested in attending their third annual Summer Skills Enrichment Institute. The Institute, titled “Innovations in Collaboration and Conflict Resolution” is taking place this year on July 28th and 29th. Join a diverse group of conflict resolution professionals and academicians for insightful learning and discussion on the banks of Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin. This dynamic skill-building program allows participants to choose […] (continue)